Garden Stories…Heritage Plants and a Saturday Surprise!!!

Heritage Plants!  Have you heard of them?

Heritage plants are plants that have a story.  They are the cuttings from  your Mothers Rose Garden or the Day Lilly’s from your Dad’s favorite flower bed.  They may be the Amaryllis that your friend shared with you when she thinned out her garden.   They may be the  gigantic elephant ears that your son’s baseball team mom gifted you at the end of the season.  Heritage plants are part of  your life story. 

I have several plants in my garden that I consider heritage plants.  Some of them did not come from a friend or family member but they represent a time and a place in my life.  There is the Texas Red Bud Tree that blooms in the early spring, there were a few branches tucked into my wedding bouquet.  There are the azaleas that remind me a photograph that was taken of me on a long ago Easter Sunday.  They are a gentle reminder of people and places in a time gone by.

However, I do have a variety of plants that have been gifted to me by the gardeners in my family.  My Mother-in-law has given me potted prayer plants, Texas Bluebonnets and a rain tree.  All of which are being worked into our new landscape plan.  My Dad, the other gardener in our family, has gifted me over the years a tree that we call a confederate rose and beautiful Amaryllis as well as the very southern Louisiana Iris. 

This past October when my parents came to visit us in our new home, my Dad came bearing gifts.  He brought with him at least a dozen bags of Day Lilly bulbs.  Each variety and color were separated into their own bag.  We carefully washed all of the dirt and grass away and re-planted them across my front garden in little clumps by color.    I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their beautiful blooms.  Here is the first one to arrive to the Garden Party!

I hope you enjoy my newest Heritage Plant!

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8 responses to “Garden Stories…Heritage Plants and a Saturday Surprise!!!

  1. Gidget

    I know that God shares things through you and I. I woke up today went outside looked and my Amaryllis, Rose, lilly, wisteria, and shrimp tail are in full bloom. I was just thinking about where I got each one and how they were handed down or a sweet memory behind each one. I remember how we use to play at Maw Maw’s with the lady slippers and pretend we were cooking. I haven’t been able to find this plant, but when I do I will send you seeds. Keep up the blogs.

    Love ya,

  2. We had lots of heritage plants before we moved to Florida. Here, I rely on the swaying palms to connect me to my roots.

    Thanks, Jeanne. Glad that your blooms are blooming.

  3. Gorgeous. THanks for sharing.

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