suncreek garden chronicles…the man with the plan

My Husband always has a plan.  He IS a project driven individual.  He was recently in the middle of a full-blown project building a very nice chicken coop for his assorted brood of chickens as he was planning and organizing our new spring garden.  If anyone has ever thought that men can not multitask they haven’t met my husband.  

This is the first installment of suncreek garden chronicles.  Each week I will post a garden update.  I will be doing a little back logging as this project has been under way for several weeks.  I will have a daily post until my I have caught up with the garden project. 

In the begining…there was a plot of land.

Then there was a delivery of two loads of garden soil.

to be continued…

Leave a link to your garden story in the comment section and I will include it in the next installment of suncreek garden chronicles.



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5 responses to “suncreek garden chronicles…the man with the plan

  1. A garden AND a chicken coop . . .

    There was a farmer had a plan and BINGO was his NAME-O! 🙂

  2. Wow a man with a Plan…I’m impressed. That’s not a garden it’s a PARK! You are SOOOOOOOOooo lucky! Pales my raised veg plot project into insignificance. Still I have a small urban garden and have to make the most of it 🙂
    I still hanker after some land as I would love to keep chickens and of course vietnamese pot-bellied pigs.
    PiP 🙂

    • We are not allowed to have chickens in our neighborhood. I think its fowl discrimination…so my Man with the plan has them at his shop. Where there is a will there is a way.

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