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A door for Jeanne (via NOLA Details)

I would like to introduce you to one of my blogging buddies over at NOLA Details.

This is a photo blog that highlights the wonderful architecture of my beloved New Orleans from a pedestrians point of view.

 I moved away from NOLA in 1984. In a small way this blog helps me stay connected with my roots.

I hope you enjoy visiting NOLA as much as I do.


A door for Jeanne A lot of homes in New Orleans have beautiful leaded glass doors, and they’re especially lovely at night. I took this photo walking back from the park last night and thought of Jeanne, who asked for door photos. I love the pattern of overlapping circles on these doors, and I’m also fascinated by the way this nighttime photo somehow makes the scene look miniaturized – doesn’t this almost look like a photo of a dollhouse? … Read More

via NOLA Details

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suncreek garden chronicles…the work begins

This is my second installment of the suncreek garden chronicles. 

 Things always look the worst just before they look better. 

 We live in a heavily wooded area and have more than our share of wild life roaming around our property.  There are deer, wild hogs, rabbits, coyotes and I don’t want to think what else might be just out of my line of sight. 

Therefore, my Man with a Plan decided we should have a 6′ perimeter fence around the 30′ x 30′ garden. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

to be continued…

Share your garden story by leaving your link in the comment section.  I will include your link in my next post.


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community support, new blogs to follow…

A community isn’t built it grows through a common interest and commitment to a vision, then a plan begins to take shape.   The goal is  to create a place where people can gather and enjoy their common interests. 

The same is true for the blog world.  This space has been created for people who have a desire to share what is  in their hearts.  Typically we begin by searching out the familiar, things we are most comfortable with.  Then we begin to experience new ideas from individuals living in wonderful places sharing their life experiences.  We are afforded the luxury of meeting new people, developing new friendships that otherwise would not exist. 

I am committed to my community, the one where I live each and everyday.  I am committed to the community of believers that share my faith.  I am committed to the community of family that I have been born into.  I am committed to the community of those in need by doing whatever I can to help out.  I am committed to this community. 

My blogging buddy Rose made a suggestion sometime back that we should search out new bloggers and blogs to connect with and encourage.  I loved the idea and I even gave it a try for a week or two.  However, I began to feel overwhelmed with all that I was trying to keep up with on my blog and the blogs of my buddies.  It fell to the bottom of my “to do”  list.  However the idea was always hovering in the back of my mind.  So this past week I renewed my commitment to my blogging community. 

I decided to scan through my blogging buddies blog roles and check out a new blog or two.  When I found one that I felt connected with in some way I subscribed to their blog.  This way I could go back and revisit each one, support them by reading their posts and commenting and sharing them with you.  Thus building a stronger community in my little corner of the blogging world. 

Here are the new blogs I am following and supporting. 

figments of a duchess , a “Dutch”ess writer and teacher

faithdreams , faith and encouragement

gardenmuse, garden blogs and photography

How do you find new blogs?  Have you found a new blogging buddy?  If so leave their blog address in the comment section.  Let’s share the love and support our community.


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