community support, new blogs to follow…

A community isn’t built it grows through a common interest and commitment to a vision, then a plan begins to take shape.   The goal is  to create a place where people can gather and enjoy their common interests. 

The same is true for the blog world.  This space has been created for people who have a desire to share what is  in their hearts.  Typically we begin by searching out the familiar, things we are most comfortable with.  Then we begin to experience new ideas from individuals living in wonderful places sharing their life experiences.  We are afforded the luxury of meeting new people, developing new friendships that otherwise would not exist. 

I am committed to my community, the one where I live each and everyday.  I am committed to the community of believers that share my faith.  I am committed to the community of family that I have been born into.  I am committed to the community of those in need by doing whatever I can to help out.  I am committed to this community. 

My blogging buddy Rose made a suggestion sometime back that we should search out new bloggers and blogs to connect with and encourage.  I loved the idea and I even gave it a try for a week or two.  However, I began to feel overwhelmed with all that I was trying to keep up with on my blog and the blogs of my buddies.  It fell to the bottom of my “to do”  list.  However the idea was always hovering in the back of my mind.  So this past week I renewed my commitment to my blogging community. 

I decided to scan through my blogging buddies blog roles and check out a new blog or two.  When I found one that I felt connected with in some way I subscribed to their blog.  This way I could go back and revisit each one, support them by reading their posts and commenting and sharing them with you.  Thus building a stronger community in my little corner of the blogging world. 

Here are the new blogs I am following and supporting. 

figments of a duchess , a “Dutch”ess writer and teacher

faithdreams , faith and encouragement

gardenmuse, garden blogs and photography

How do you find new blogs?  Have you found a new blogging buddy?  If so leave their blog address in the comment section.  Let’s share the love and support our community.


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6 responses to “community support, new blogs to follow…

  1. Lisa

    What a beautiful idea and a wonderful way of building community. I, too, became overwhelmed with my attempts to visit new blogs on a regular basis, and found my subscription list becoming unwieldy. Now I occasionally look at what is Freshly Pressed (but only if it looks really interesting) but more often I look at the blogs that some of my blogging buddies recommend. I also check out blogs who may (intentionally or unintentionally) link to a post of mine. Sometimes I find new connections that way, as I just did today. 😉

    • I recently decided to include 2 or 3 related posts with each of my posts as way to support our blogging community and find new blogging buddies. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  2. I find new blogs during bloghops, reading comments on blogs I follow, and when a new face visits SLTW.

    Blogging is community.

  3. Thanks dear, you are too kind! 😀

    I find new bloggers by following befriended bloggers’ posts and comments. There are so many interesting people to be found, I love the blogging community!

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    You are spot on. I’ve discovered, since the wordpress challenge, blogging is about community. We share our ups and downs, our success and failures but most importantly we all support each other!
    I found several new blogs through the CountryRose RandomBlog Challenge and Blog hops. I now read comments bloggers leave on my buddies or my blog and pop over and then check them out to see how they interact with people and if they respond to comments.
    Have you checked out
    and finally
    They are all totally different 🙂

    Talking of community…has anyone heard from Classy Rose? I’ve heard nothing since her last post….and she never responded to comments or my emails…she’s vanished!

    Speak soon 🙂

    • Pip, I have not visited your blogging buddies you mentioned. I will stop by and say Hi and let them know that Pip sent me their way. EnJOY your day!

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