suncreek garden chronicles…row, row, row

Suncreek Garden Chronicles… Installment #3

 To recap:  The plot was chosen.  The garden soil was delivered.  The perimeter fence posts were put into place. 

Now it’s time to make the rows.  Strong backs and muscles were the order of the day.

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10 responses to “suncreek garden chronicles…row, row, row

  1. What a neat blog! Loved read the stories here.

  2. Gardening is hard work. Hope you all enjoy the fruits of your labor. 😀

  3. Great foundation for your garden! I have a whole new area to create this year – am excited! Looking forward to watching your garden grow!
    Debbie 🙂

  4. I don’t remember if you told us previously…but what are the perimeter posts for? I’ve never seen a garden like that before.

    • We are trying to keep the wildlife out of the garden. There are deer, wild hogs, opposum, raccoons and rabbits in our yard almost daily. Basically we have built our new home in the middle of their neighborhood.

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