Growing a Green Garden

Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Installment #5

Here we Grow!

My husband has grown a garden for the past several years.  His knowledge and the gardens have come along way.  I think this year will be the best one yet. 

The weather has been cooperating.  We have had cool overnight and morning temperatures and warm afternoons.  There hasn’t been any real measurable rain, so my husband is watering every other day.  We had a water well installed so we are watering with ground water and not the chlorinated city water.

The pests have shown up and my husband will now have to use some sort of organic pesticide to control the hungry little moochers.  So far they are only interested in the delicate lettuces. 

Here are few pics I snapped today to show you how things are progressing.

The squash plants are doing great and we will probably be up to our eyeballs in zucchini in a couple of weeks. 

  The black cherry tomatoes have nice clusters of flowers and are looking great!

The pepper plants have tiny little pepper buds just beginning to pop out!



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10 responses to “Growing a Green Garden

  1. I know NOTHING about gardening…and I love reading stuff like this.

    I just went on a Tanaka Farms tour in Irvine, CA with my 5 year old. We got to pick our own strawberries, but first they take you on a tractor ride and let you sample cilantro, lettuce, Bok Choy- which is like drinking water!, carrots, and China Peas, and green onion. It’s all organic and on the green onion, you can eat the root- the entire thing is edible. The root is not as spicey, so my daughter actually munched a couple strands!

    On this tour, they explain how they farm without pesticides. I forget what they call this system, but they alternate the plants between onions! The bugs don’t like the smell of onions. First the onions are too strong, so the bugs can’t find the lettuce…and they don’t like the onion so they move on elsewhere!
    So there you go, maybe plant green onions between each of your other plants and see if it helps w/bugs?

    that coming from someone who knows absolutely nothing about gardening!

  2. Can’t believe how big your plants are already! Wow!

    I miss my zucchini and tomato plants. No room for a garden here.

  3. Tony McGurk

    It’s Autumn here in Tasmania, we still have some stuff left such as tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers, potatoes, raspberries, carrots, parsnips but everything else has been eaten or put in the freezer.

  4. Hi,
    Your veg look pretty impressive! I’ve not seen black cherry tomatoes before…
    My squash plants are about 1inch tall a the moment. My courgettes (zucchini?) are doing well, spinach and lettuce ready to eat as are the radish. I am also trying to gow aubergines from seed as well. Garlic is still growing strong!
    Today I also picked my first bowl of strawberries!
    Slugs are attacking my green beans as the ants are walking off with the organic slug pellets! I thought I’d drank too much wine when I saw all these blue pellets on the move!

    Look forward to reading your next update 🙂

  5. I wish a had a green thumb!

  6. Back when, it seems I planted marigolds next to the tomatoes because tomato worms don’t like them, and radishes nest to squash because squash bugs don’t like those, or the other way around. It really worked! Organic is the way to go. Enjoying your garden so far. Thanks for sharing.

    • I love these tips! It seems I have heard about the marigolds being natural pest deterrents. I remember a friend telling me that when he worked as the chef at the Fetzer Winery in California they planted something near the grapevines. It seems like it was strawberries but maybe it was marigolds. I am going to do a little research. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your garden is doing so well… It’s still a bit early in these parts but I wont be growing any food in my garden… too much competition with the wildlife for them to survive and I don’t like fences. We tried containers last summer but not much came of our plants. 😉
    I’ve been on college visits with my twins hence my absence…
    Finally catching up on comments!

    • Glad to have you back. You were missed. As for the garden, it is doing exceptionally well, but I cannot take one ounce of credit. My husband is the designer and care taker. I am the aspiring photographer and cook.

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