Weekly Photo Challenge…lines

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Have you ever been without electricity?  Each of us has probably experienced a power outage or two in our lives.  Most power outages are temporary, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours.

Personally I never think too much about the power companies or whether there will be electricity when I flip the light switch.  At least until there isn’t any. 

Then it happened…a huge storm called Hurricane Ike.  It wasn’t just a few minutes or even a few hours, not just a day or two.  It was a personal record…not one I care to repeat or even beat.  We were 13 days without electricity!

What’s the longest you have gone without electricity? 


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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge…lines

  1. Great pics. I have gone a few days without electricity….i cannot imagine 2 weeks

    • Living by candlelight and flashlights was a bit of a challenge. That experience definitely impacted several key decisions when we were building our new home.

  2. Gidget

    I have also been without electricity for weeks. We went through Hurricane Katrina. I was very thankful that was all I had to do without.

    • Gidget, that is a great way to look at things…being without power is certainly a small inconvenience when you look at the bigger picture and the greater loss people endured during both of those storms. Thanks for visiting!

  3. The biggest challenge for us with power outages ~ the well pump wouldn’t work when we didn’t have public water service.

    So no power meant no heat, no light, and no water for drinking, cooking, bathing, or flushing toilets. Definitely required some adjustments to our routine if it was off more than a short while.

    Good take on the theme, Jeanne.

    • One of the best things that came from the power outage was getting to know more of my neighbors…we really helped each other out throughout the ordeal!

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  6. very cool photos…would never have thought to take pictures of power lines.

    never know when something seemingly inappropriate…will be appropriate…hugmamma. 😉

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