P is for pale pink perfection…(a-z challenge)

This is my photo journal of what has turned out to be one of my treasured heritage plants! 

This gem came to be part of my garden treasures via my Dad.  I am almost certain that he gifted me this beautiful flower in the off-season. 

 It wasn’t quite time to plant it in the ground so it was given a temporary home in one of the many clay pots that were stored under the potting table.  Before it could find its way into the garden we sold our home therefore it remained in the pot. 

During the move the pot was cracked and now is missing an upper edge.  No matter the neglect or imperfect pot it seems to be thriving. 

I am hesitant to make any changes at this time.  I have heard that new soil and growing conditions can change the color of the bloom. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She is a beauty!


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9 responses to “P is for pale pink perfection…(a-z challenge)

  1. She is a beauty! Great P post!

  2. That is one perfect beauty! I’m not sure why I’ve never tried growing Amarylis since we moved to Florida. Maybe I’m still thinking in terms of Illinois gardening. It’s definitely an inside plant there.

  3. Beautiful slide show, Jeanne. Glad you managed to take it with you when you moved.

  4. I’ve thought about planting these for several years, since they are prolific outdoor bloomers in NC. You just gave me the push I needed! Great photos.

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