Q is for…quilts, quilting and quiet…(a-z challenge)


I am fascinated by quilts.  They are beautiful and functional.  I have several quilts; one given to me by my husbands grandmother, one made by a friend, one I purchased from a quilt store, there is the one I purchased at an antique store that wasn’t antique at all but it is very pretty and then there are a few I found at the weekend market days.  One of them even has my maiden name stitched on one of the quilt squares. 

Making a quilt takes commitment, dedication, forethought and planning.  If you are new to quilting you will need an instructor.  Someone to help you get started and then help you through the difficult parts.  My friend Andrea makes beautiful quilts and from what I hear she a great teacher. 

I would love to learn to quilt…I think I would enjoy it because it seems very personal and would afford me my own personal quiet time. 

The majority of my day is spent interacting with lots of people, planning and organizing the upcoming weekend events.  For example, this week alone I have had 5 meetings.  Two meetings were to recap this past weekends events, 1 meeting to recap a meeting from a month ago, one meeting to interview and hire a new employee and one meeting to discuss this upcoming weekends events. 

Lately my quiet time is my morning cup of coffee and late at night when I write my blog posts.  My quiet time is only quiet in the fact that I am not talking out load with another person.  My brain is constantly thinking about what needs to be done.  I am almost always processing some sort of information. 

I would love to carve out real quiet time for myself…a time when I can clear my mind…stop thinking…stop planning…just stop and be…Quiet! 



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12 responses to “Q is for…quilts, quilting and quiet…(a-z challenge)

  1. Quilting is release.. you can do it.. read a quilting book.. start small.. always start small! I started by reading books then I took a class but that wasn’t until I had been making quilts for years.. read the magazines read books.. then buy some fabric!

  2. I am a big fan of quiet time ~ meditation is a wonderful way to gain control over a mind that is racing, racing, all the time.

    I expect quilting becomes a meditative exercise once you learn the basics.

    • Although a beautiful quilt would be a great end result…but I can envision myself sitting cross legged under a tree immersed in mediatiation long before I see me quilting.

  3. Jeanne ~ Here’s a One Day Quilt:

    Suzi has several other posts on quilting and quilts, just search “quilt” in the “look for it box.”

    Suzi is a doll who will be happy to answer any questions, comments, but her older brother just died, so if you leave a message right now, it will be a few days before you hear back from her.

  4. Great post. I’m seeking quiet too. I need at least a little quiet every day to recharge my batteries. Good luck with the quilting! Or meditating – or both!

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    seems like quiliting could be a productive way to meditate. Many years ago I used to make applique pictures – it was really restful 🙂
    Look forward to reading about your quilting project

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