suncreek garden chronicles…harvest time

suncreek garden chronicles…Installment #7

Fellow Farmers, Friends and  Family we have SQUASH…pattypan!!!


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and of course…prepare, cook and serve!


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5 responses to “suncreek garden chronicles…harvest time

  1. Gorgeous photos . . . and squash! Enjoy!

  2. Ha HA…now I know what squash pattypan is!

    I’m intrigued what are you growing up the metal supports…the round ones. they look pretty impressive. I would love a veg patch that size 🙂


    • PiP, the round metal supports are called tomatoe cages…they support the branches as the tomatoes grow…some of the fruit gets very large and tasty!!!

  3. Very nice looking vegetables. Is that you in the garden?

    • Hi Eliz, The garden is coming along very nicely. I can hardly believe we are already enjoying the fruits of our labor. Yes, that’s me in the garden, city girl gone country.

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