T is for Trending…(a-z challenge)!


I have linked up with Tossing it Out who is hosting the Blogging from A-Z April Blogging Challenge.  It’s a post a day for the month of April excluding Sundays.  You can learn more about it by clicking on the “A-Z Button” in the right side bar. 

 I am a couple of days late with my post for the letter “T” and “U” is on the calendar for today. So here is to the letter “T”!

I am somewhat fascinated with what’s (T)rending on my yahoo and twitter homepages. Although I am rarely if ever interested enough to click on one of the topics and see where it takes me.  However I am curious as to why people are  searching for information on these particular people or topics.   I know the list is generated by the increase in hits on a particular topic.  I know that people’s internet searches are influenced by the latest news reports or talk shows. 

 The following list is from April 24th, 2011, Easter Sunday. 


  1. Jim Belushi
  2. Lindsay Lohan
  3. Prince William
  4. Dev Patel
  5. Tablets
  1. Frank McCourt
  2. James Franco
  3. Metallica
  4. Retirement planning
  5. Easter

 I do see how people would be interested in Prince William, Retirement Planning and Easter but Metallica, Really!  All of this talk about trending gave me pause to think what exactly is trending in my life right now. 

  1. Easter
  2. Gasoline Prices
  3. Gardening
  4. The Economy
  5. Texas is in a drought
  6. Buying a new car
  7. Turning 5o
  8. Losing weight
  9. Eating better
  10. Menopause

Whats trending in your life? 


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2 responses to “T is for Trending…(a-z challenge)!

  1. I keep wanting to get to the NEWS/TRENDS, but I have so many “life stories” from the past and present to keep me busy for awhile and it keeps me “unique.”

    I figure, every Jane/Joe are writing about the news and sharing their views. There are so many more talented writers than I, why bother sharing my opinon about the Royal Wedding, when my favorite blogger just did? Unless I can find an interesting spin, but with everyone doing it- unlikely to be unique. If you’ve thought of it, chances are someone else already posted that same thing and their article is wittier.

    So for now, I stick with ME, and what’s trending with me- turning 40, mother to young kids, non-fiction story telling…and music/movies particuarly from the 80’s, trips and roller coasters!


  2. I’m with Sandi ~ I can’t be bothered to follow trends in fashion, news, or food.

    I prefer to think for myself. 😀

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