Mom and Me…in the kitchen


Usually when Iam in the kitchen with my Mom she is whipping up something incredible and I am watching in amazement as she moves around the kitchen.  She rarely refers to a recipe or uses exact measurements.  If you ask her for a recipe she can rattle it off the top of her head.  The funny thing is she has more than one version of every recipe.  So I was completely surprised and totally excited when she decided to compile her recipes into a family cookbook.

 My most treasured possessions are the two cookbooks given to me by my Mom.  The first one was given to me almost 20 years ago. It is made up of 3×5 handwritten index cards stored in one of those little photo albums you slide your pics into.  The second one is a bit nicer and was done on the computer.  Each recipe is printed on pretty paper and it is in a beautiful red book.  I love them both, but the first one is a true treasure because it is written in my Mom’s own hand.  She has beautiful handwritting!

Having these treasures close at hand is almost like having Mom with me in the kitchen.  Almost! 

When Mom and I are in the kitchen together we have a good time.  We laugh and reminisce about family memories,  Sometime she will tell me an old family story that I have never heard before or we will re-tell one that makes us laugh every time.   These are my other most treasured memories of Mom and Me.

Almost every picture taken of my Mom is of her in the kitchen.  It seems like that is where we are all the happiest.  Sharing life while we slice and dice and mix and measure.  Creating sweet and savory concoctions!


Here’s to you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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5 responses to “Mom and Me…in the kitchen

  1. Love this post! I’m so glad you have those beautiful cookbooks!

  2. Gidget

    She is a very talented woman in the kitchen and everything she cooks is absolutely YUMMY!!!!!!!

  3. You and your mom remind me of the close relationship I enjoy with my daughter.

    hugs to you both…and happy mother’s day! 🙂

  4. Beautiful post, Jeanne!

    Shared memories are the best! And those cookbooks sound like a treasure.

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