a prescription for happiness…Eat Gelato!

Well at least that was the case today…I had my annual follow-up with my endocrinologist.  Things went as I expected…good results all the way around.  Well with the exception of the weight I have gained over the past 2 years.  In my doctor’s opinion it is minimal but still encouraged me to increase the amount of exercise I am getting.  For me that means I am starting from scratch.  I think I will finally set up the wii game and have a little fun while increasing my exercise program.

Of course it will be a couple of days before the test results are in and I know if there will be any adjustment to my medication.  Also, I will find out about my good and bad cholesterol.  So until all the results are in…I wrote myself a prescription for a little happiness!

There is almost nothing quite as wonderful as an ice cream parlor except maybe a Gelateria!  Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream  has it going on…the folks at Piccomolo have created the perfect ice cream experience.  They have combined the fun that comes with eating ice cream with the feel of a grown up space like that of a small cafe or coffee shop. You are encouraged to linger…as long as you like.

From the moment you step through the door and out of the 100 degree Texas summer heat your happiness gauge begins to increase.  The space is cool and inviting.  The stress of the day immediately begins to melt away.  The color palette is soothing and creamy with small splashes of color.  Everything from the italian graphics on the table tops to the  perfect balance of natural and focused lighting invites you to slow down and enjoy the moment.  The Piccomolo experience is one you will look forward to time and again. 

Then your focus is drawn to it…the display case…filled with wonderfully creamy deliciousness…amaretto, birthday cake, butter pecan, coffee, cookies and cream, coconut, donatella, peppermint, pina colada, pistachio, roasted almond, apricot, banana, cherry and kiwi to name  just a few.   How will a girl decide?  One small taste at a time, that’s how.  

Then the inevitable moment comes…you must make a choice or two.  No matter the flavor you choose you will not be  disappointed. Do not let the many choices give you a moments pause.  There is always another day and another flavor combination that will bring a little happiness into your afternoon.   My choice, today…coffee and donatella(chocolate with hazelnut)!!!  DELIZIOSO!!!!

Happiness depends on happenings…so what are you waiting for…GO make something happen!


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3 responses to “a prescription for happiness…Eat Gelato!

  1. That display case looks WONDERFUL!
    One of my favorites ~ Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

    Hope you get good news from the lab results.

  2. This looks positively WICKED! I am drooling over the choices!

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