Eat to Live…

” Eat to Live” is a totally new concept for this nolagirlatheart.  Although I never really thought of it as living to eat that is what I have been doing all my life.  I grew up in a family filled with incredible cooks.  Delicious dishes are always the focus of every family gathering.  And the mere idea of having an event catered by someone outside of the family brings gasps of disbelief. 

My husbands family is no different from my own.  Food and Family!  Food and Fun!  They are also a family filled with wonderful cooks.  Food follows us everywhere we go. 

When my husband and I met we were both working in the food industry.  We both worked for one of the best fresh produce houses in the city of Houston again food was at the center of our lives.  Also at the time my husband was one of those gym rats and he was eating 6 meals a day, need I say he was food focused. 

I continued to work in and around the food industry for the next 15 years.  Eating out at the best restaurants in H-town was an every day occurence.  In a typical week I might have eaten at Michael Corduas Americas, Backstreet Cafe, Cafe Annie, Hugos, , Ruggles Grille 5115, Pappas Brothers, Nikko Nikko or Goode Company Seafood.  It’s probably obvious but I will say it anyway, I LOVE FOOD!!! 

Not only do I love to eat out, but I love to cook.    I love the sound of vegetables beeing chopped.  I love the smell of pasta cooking and shallots and garlic sauteing.   I adore the feel of breaking crusty bread and placing it in the bread basket.  The anticipation of the dish as it simmers.  Then the actual plateing of the food, the presentation, the first taste.  It is always worth the wait!  I love Food!

So this concept of eating to live and not living to eat has me feeling like the proverbial hamster caught in the wheel.  I am at a loss as to how to make the jump from cooking the way I have always cooked.    How does a nolagirlatheart cook with so many restrictions.  How do I enjoy Gumbo or Jambalya or Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta?  It is going to take some time to change my mind set.  Learning a new eating lifestyle is a lot like learning a foreign language…parli dieta…NO!…Mangiare per vivere!!!!!


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7 responses to “Eat to Live…

  1. BakingBeautiesNE

    Oh man. Good luck with that! I’m switching over to organic food this summer. So I’ve been incredibly focused on food. I guess my goal is Eat Toxin-Free Foods to Live. lol, yours seems much simpler. So how do you go about eating to live?

    • For me its eliminating the processed foods. eating fruits, veggies and lean meats and giving my body what it needs so I can live a long healthy active life.

  2. But you are at a great advantage since your love to cook. Soon you’ll be switching out the “bad” calories for the good with ease.

    Shrimp with angel hair pasta ~ saute shrimp (and veggies) in EVOO with garlic, serve over cooked pasta. Sprinkle with a little parmeson.

    Gumbo and Jambalaya ~ take your favorite recipe, cut back on the oil and fatty meats and increase the veggies and lean protein.


    • Yes it is going to take a little time to tweak the old favorite recipes while gathering lots of new recipes. But I am enjoying the challenge and the results.

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  4. therandomsoflife

    Did I miss a recipe for granola? Those pictures look delicious!
    You inspired me to make a few key changes in my eating habits!!

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