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The Travelers Rule!

We, there were 24 of us,  just recently returned from an extended stay in my hometown of Historic New Orleans. Before I go any further let me just say that I do not recommend a trip to New Orleans in August.  Not only is the heat oppressive but the humidity is so high it feels as though the air is dripping without a drop of rain in sight. 

Even with the extreme temperatures the heat was in no way a deterrent for “passing a good time”.  Most of the group flew into the New Orleans International Airport and that is where their “only in NOLA”experience began.  Their courtesy bus driver was a true New Orleanian and welcomed them to the city with authentic southern hospitality.  The commute from the airport to the downtown hotel left them with plenty of stories to share for the days and weeks to come. Even a NOLAgirlatheart such as myself learned a new NOLA catch phrase from their colorful self-appointed tour guide…”Ya heard Me?!!”  It typically comes after a sentence and is meant to make sure you understand so as to not require repeating of the same information more than once.  “Ya heard me!”

This was mine and my husbands first trip with this group of bring the fun with you, try anything once, fun-loving group of travelers.  Almost immediately upon arriving at the hotel a “text-group” was set up so that we could all stay in touch.  This turned out to be an exceptional way to communicate with such a large group of individuals with such diverse agendas for the trip to NOLA.  At any given moment we would receive a text message announcing a group was meeting in the lobby at a designated time for a particular outing.  Some may be heading off to try their luck at the casino, others would be heading out for a bite to eat, to shop or take a dip in the pool.  Everyone was invited to join in on every activity.  However, the choice was yours.  A meeting time and place was announced, a grace period was extended and then the group was off, with or without you, no worries!

It is obvious that this group of traveling friends really enjoys one another and they did manage to come together as a group at least once a day to try a new restaurant, take in a historical tour or even  stop and enjoy the rich culture of the area; appreciating the incredible architecture, the art galleries or the live entertainment! 

However, if you found that the group had chosen an activity that did not suit your taste or even if the group was moving too slow for you, you were free to follow the one and only rule that the group has…don’t get mad, just move on…choose your own path…bid the group adieu… and you are off either on your own or with a friend or two in tow. 

This is the best advice any group of traveling friends can adopt.  It will certainly save hours and hours of trying to decide on one activity that will appeal to all of the travelers at the same time, which by the way is virtually an impossible task.   Also, it allows for you to choose from a variety of activities with a diverse group of individuals at any given time of the day or night.  You will be a happier traveler and so will your traveling companions.  Not to mention that when everyone is back together the conversation will be like a big pot of NOLA gumbo full of color, spice and flavor.

Remember…there is only ONE Rule…LIVE…LAUGH…ENJOY LIFE…or NOT, its your choice!


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