Weekly Photo Challenge…Entrance

How many entrances do you see?

The Gate!  The Stairs! The Door!


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12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge…Entrance

  1. Beautiful shot, Jeanne! 😀

  2. Beautiful photo and nice interpretation.

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  4. I love that house with all it’s entrances Jeanne!
    I was subscribed to your blog before, but somehow lost you, so I just signed up again! I love your header – the dogs are adorable!

    • Hi Barb, welcome back! The house IS incredible. I wish I could have gotten around the back to take pics of the back balconies and entrances. I have a thing for doors, so my initial goal was to get a close up of the front door. But the house had so much more to offer. enJOY your day!

  5. love older homes…especially when restored…but repros are okay too…i’m not fussy. 🙂

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