Keeping it real….good!!!

For the past 75+ years a little restaurant located about 40 miles NW of New Orleans has been serving Creole, Cajun and Southern food to locals and travelers alike.  Middendorf’s is as much a part of Louisiana family tradition as is Red Beans and Rice for lunch on Monday, tailgating on Saturday before the LSU Football game, beignets and cafe au lait on Sundays at the Morning Call or even the Christmas Eve bonfires. Mention Middendorf’s and someone will share their personal family story about the place. 

The Restaurant originally opened in 1934 during the great depression.  It was passed down through two generations of family.   After Hurricane Katrina the restaurant was sold to Chef Horst Pfeifer who lost his 5 star New Orleans restaurant to the winds of the hurricane and the subsequent looting.  He and his wife have preserved the traditional menu.  The food is as good today as it has ever been! 

Middendorf’s Restaurant is best known for it’s “thin fried catfish”.  Southern Living magazine has declared, “Possibly the best fried fish in the world”.   I would have to agree!!  The catfish is clean and fresh not muddy.  The extra fine cornmeal breading is light and crispy.  The taste is slightly sweet with the perfect blend of spices.  The flavor is out of this world…Ca c’est bon!


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11 responses to “Keeping it real….good!!!

  1. Nothing says “PLACE” like . . . FOOD!

    I’d love to sit down to some beignets and cafe au lait tomorrow morning. I don’t care if it’s not Sunday. 😀

  2. Jeanne,
    We went to New Orleans fairly recently…I believe around last October. I tried “beignets and cafe au lait” directly across the street from Jackson Square (can’t recall the name of the place) and the coffee was less than par and don’t like beignets…and then we went to Solvang, CA and I tried the Abelskivers (sp?) and again, it reminded me of the beignets. I’d rather have a regular old donut. (and not Krispy Kreme…gross!) just a plain old donut from one of those individually owned donut shop (not a chain) is usually the best tasting and best deal.

    Are you a big beignet lover? I have a couple of friends that drool over ’em!

    Lake Forest, CA
    *down 7lbs in 1 week! Woot! Feeling great!

    • I do enjoy a good beignet and a warm cup of cafe au lait. However, I prefer the Morning Call located in the suburbs. The place you visited is called Cafe du Monde. I don’t think they are making them the traditional way. They should be golden brown, light, fluffy and crispy with an almost hollow center. They should not be doughy…yuck!

  3. Hello Jeanne! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I have done so for yours, too! I will be back to check in frquently! I do my best to comment every time, but I’m not always successful – mainly bcause I tend to get long-winded and go on and on, and then I have no time to read anyone else”s. Sometimes I only get in one or two comments per day, but iIread all my subscriptions – so i’ll be keeping my eye on you! 😆

    I was born in Beaumont, BTW – left in 1963 when I was 12. My Dad was head of Mobil Chemical in Beaumont, and was transferred to corporate hdqtrs in NYC and made a VP over the International Petrochemicals Division.

    Where is Rosharon?

    • Pauline, Thanks for the follow. I was born in New Orleans and moved to Houston in 1984. I currently live in Rosharon which is about 30 miles south of the Houston Medical Center. I look forward to seeing you around the blogoshpere!

  4. I have never been there so thanks for sharing this. I am not able to travel, so I live through others travels. I really would love to eat with you there, looks so good. Out here in IL, it’s just not like going there with a good friend or friends and family to enjoy a memory meal or two! So, I will meet you there on Christmas day, LOL, I have no plans.

  5. Yay – you went to Middendorf’s! Did you have the super thin crispy catfish?

    • Oh yes we did…it was wonderful!!! The post “Rose colored memory” is about our families camp that is just down the bayou from Middendorfs. I thought of you when we were there taking the pics….

  6. i can taste it…yummy! 😉

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