My focus has gone missing, have you seen it?

A little while back I hit the proverbial blogging wall….this is the post I wrote and then forgot to post.

…It has been over a month since I completed the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  The first ever real blogging challenge I participated in.  The challenge was to blog through the alphabet during the month of April.  It was a blog everyday for the month of April except for Sunday.  When I completed the challenge I was toast. 

I would sit down at my computer and …nothing.  Nothing at all.  So I decided to jump off into photo blogging…a picture a day of the flowers in my yard. Then 9, 10 days into it and there were no more flowers to photograph.  Again sitting at my computer and nothing…nothing at all. 

Was it the impending summer, the inevitable 50th birthday or maybe I was just burned out from everything and nothing at all….

I am happy to say that I have located my focus.  It obviously needed a little down time.  The blogging ideas are again presenting themselves at every turn.  It’s good to have my focus back! 

Have you ever lost your focus?  Where did you find it?


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13 responses to “My focus has gone missing, have you seen it?

  1. I know your pain. I ran out of stuff to write about, months ago. However, I have not missed a weekly post. I have no idea how that could be. I usually just write about me trying to figure out what to write. My dogs are sort of cool and usually give me material but I would love to be re-energized, full of wit and stories, wonderful funny stories. Maybe one day.

    • I have been able to keep up with my post a week commitment thus far…I am always looking for new places and events to experience…Fall time will be here soon and there will be county fairs and festivals that will give me inspiration.

  2. It’s an awful feeling when you lose your focus, and it happens to me a lot!
    I find getting away from the computer and doing something completely different works for me – like a walk on the beach with my dog, or visiting a friend – it has to be something that gets me out of the house.
    Glad you got your focus back Jeanne!

    • A while back I started carrying one of those little moleskine notebooks in my purse. This way if inspiration presents itself I can capture a few thoughts before I lose my focus again. I also almost always have my camera with me, just in case….

  3. Glad you got your “groove” back!

    I usually have more ideas than I can post. Right now, I have a backlog of over 100 draft posts. So, when the muse goes missing, I scroll through the drafts and find something to finish.

    • WOW!! 100 draft posts to pull from…I usually have 10 or so in the works. I am hoping to get a few more started just in case “she” needs another break.

  4. It’s easier when you decide from the beginning you can write about anything and everything..less pressure that way. I never tried one of the challenges…might try that next time.

    • In the beginning I thought I should be blogging for the potential reader..then I figured it out…my blog is “my” blog and I can write about whatever moves me at the moment. However, sometimes I need a little help and the wordpress daily challenges are interesting and thought provoking.

  5. I’m a bit like Nancy only I have 50 posts to pull from. I jot them down anytime I feel an urge and know that if I’m stumped, they’ll come in handy.

  6. Glad you got it back! It’s good to have a challenge because it keeps you going on days you’d rather not.

    I joined the postaday2011 challenge and I am now officially one of the most prolific bloggers on WordPress! It wouldn’t have happened without the challenge.

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  8. Yes, I did lose my focus. I don’t think I posted anything for about 10days or even visted my buddies blogs. I then felt guilty and then started to wade through my emails. Reading everyones posts helped me find my focus. I then wrote a list of everything I want to blog about and pinned it on my wall for when I needed some inspiration.
    I am glad you have also found your foucs and I love the picture which accompanies this post…very artistic!

    • I did notice you had gone on an extended holiday. Sometimes our mind needs a holiday as much as our body maybe even more.
      Thanks again for the award, my post will be up tomorrow!

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