The Rooster Rules the Roost…

as well as my blog stats and I am totally surprised by that!

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I know I am probably the only blogger in the blogosphere (tongue in cheek) who checks their blog to see how the most recent post looks on the blog home page!  I am especially happy with the way my blog page looks so I look at it often.    I log on and immediately go to “my blog”, Oh yes its still there and it still looks good (relief).  Next stop, Site Stats!  I am always curious to see which of my posts are being checked out.  Also, I am forever hopeful that today might be the day I show up on the freshly pressed page.  But more than that I just want todays post to hit the mark with my fellow bloggers.  Next stop “manage comments”, to see if you have  left a comment about what you have read.  I love the comments but the “likes” just tickle me to no end.  Everyone wants to be liked.  (Just ask Sally Field)

From time to time I take a look at my overall statistics just to see if I can figure out what you fellow bloggers are interested in reading about.   The most popular posts on my blog are as random as my blog.  There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to what you are reading when it comes to my blog posts. 

 Have you taken the time to look at your overall blogging statistics? 

While looking at the stats I am surprised to see that there have been over 12,000 views of my posts.  There are 5 posts that make up the majority of the stats.  The top 2 are the same no matter if it’s for the current 7 day period or for the past 17 months.  The next 3 vary just slightly for the same time period.  I am most surprised by the post that comes in at #2 in all time visits. 

Are you surprised by your numbers?  Is there one post that gets visited more often than the others? 

Back in April I participated in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  The instructions were to post everyday of the month with the exception of Sundays, beginning with the letter A and proceeding through the alphabet.  The beginning of the alphabet was fairly simple; A is for Amaryllis, B is for Birthday, C is for Carvings and so on.  Sometime after “L” the  posts became a bit more difficult to come up with.  The end of the alphabet W,X,Y & Z were the biggest challenge.  However, I finished on time but my brain was blogged out.   I needed a break. 

 Since finishing the challenge I have had the occasional visit to one or another of the alphabet postings, D is for decorating has been fairly popular.  However, there has been one particular post that has had visits almost every day without fail.   Since I published this little post this past April there have been at least 1o clicks everyday and as many as 76 clicks in one week on this one little post. 

 The craziest thing is that with so many visits, 1200+ in number the post has had very few comments.  I wonder what people are thinking they will find when they click on the link.  I wonder if the post contained sufficient information or they left rolling their eyes saying “whatever“. 

…drum roll please….the #2 post on my blog is…R is for Rhode Island Red Rooster!  Can you believe it?  I certainly can not.  There are posts that took me days and weekes to write.  Posts that are emotional and meaningful.  There are posts about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…but the winner is…the crazy Red Rooster.  I would never have bet on that in a million years. 

Which of your posts stats do you find most surprising?  Is there one post that you wished received half as much attention as the other? Share your post stat stories. 


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13 responses to “The Rooster Rules the Roost…

  1. Hi Jeanne,
    I can’t make your dreams of being freshly pressed come true so I have presented you with

    I am a statatistic-holic! I am curious as to the most popular posts and they are usually beaches, cost of living , markets or some aspect of moving to Portugal. The people who view these posts rarely leave a comment but send me an email. I suppose I do write some travel reviews on Tripadvisor etc. and they also get picked up in search engines. The other day I had a spike in my stats over several days with over 500 views a day just from some Facebook page. I never found out which but I did pick up quite a few new subscribers.

    That is the serious side of my blog which is well indexed by google and often on the first page -RESULT but the fun side
    is writing of-the-wall posts and interacting with my blogging buddies. Like you I love comments and likes and the more fun the better!

    I think the most views I’ve had in a day was 1756 when I was freshly pressed. It was amazing and crazy at the same time.

    It’s nice to watch our stats grow, but what means more is my friends her in the blogosphere. I can’t get over to comment on everyones blog everyday but I do try a few times a week. I think when we first started I followed loads of blogs…Classy Rose encouraged it, but gradually many of those have fallen by the way side as communication was only ever one way.

    I think the whole wordpress postaday/week challenge has been amazing and encouraged us to look outside our front door and interact with others.

    Keep posting a variety of topics…that seems to be the secret. Something for everyone!

    • I am social by nature and building friendships is the reason I enjoy blogging here on wordpress so much. Thank you ever so much for the lovely award. I will pick it up and ahere to the requirements when I get home this evening from the gun range. That will be a post in itself… Enjoy your day my friend!

  2. PS if any of this does not make sense the text on my screen kept jumping back to the first sentence and I could not check or correct errors!

  3. Love that your rooster post is still crowing strong!

    Two posts used as frequent search terms on SLTW:
    * Raclette ~ a Swiss cheese dish
    * Kumala Vista ~ a campfire song

    Blog on! Congrats on your Leibster Award!

  4. I ALWAYS check the home page after writing a post too. Gotta make sure it all looks right, and I usually find a typo or two that need fixing.

    I once took a photo of a flying bug with an unbelievably long tail, and posted it. That is one of my most visited posts!

  5. Even though I am new here, I too watch the stats. For What? I don’t know because I only have about 5 post now! I am expecting magic, I guess. I will say you made my day on my first couple of post. I posted on day two and you were there the very next day. WOW! was all I could say. Thank you for commenting and welcoming me. Now, any ideas how I can just get a few more people like you? Love, love, love your rooster!

    • It seems like only yesterday when I was where you are…new to wordpress. The best way to make connections with other bloggers is to search for topics that interest you and comment on them. Bloggers love comments. If someome “likes” our post or makes a comment a good blogging friend will visit your blog and do the same. Commit to a posting schedule; one written post a week, one photo post a week and so on. If you like a post, read the comments other bloggers are leaving and then go check out those blogs and subscribe. Eventually blog friendships will develop with some of the bloggers. I hope you find this worries, just write!

  6. Well I certainly wasn’t around for your a to z challenge, but I find thatwacky roosterto be utterly adorable. Maybe it was an excentricity thing? The world may never know.

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