Weekly Photo Challenge….Flowers

It has been so hot and dry here there are very few flowers left…so these are from earlier in the year when everything was in bloom.

Azaleas are flowering shrubs that bloom in the early spring and their blooms last several weeks.  Azaleas are shade tolerant and prefer living near or under a tree.

In Chinese culture, the azalea is known as “thinking of home bush” which is exactly what I think of when I see the beautiful flowering shrubs. 




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18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge….Flowers

  1. Wow, those pink flowers are so beautiful. I love flowers and the way the bees buzz around them. My sister had a raspberry tree and it did bad this year, bummer. Great blog, by the way. Will be back!

  2. I have always adored Azaleas but have never tried to grow them. The flower/shrub/tree that has always made me think of home though is the Magnolia. My childhood home in Texas had a beautiful and large Magnolia tree in the front yard. I remember my mom cutting off the immense white flower and floating it in a bowl on our kitchen table. The smell was intoxicating.

    • Magnolias remind me of college, they are scattered all around the LSU campus. I remember picking one and someone got all upset, said it was “against the law” something about it being the state flower…whatever! They smelled too good to pass by.

  3. Beautiful post, Jeanne.

    We had azaleas and magnolias in our yard in NC and MD. Just azaleas in NJ.

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  5. Azaleas always remind me of my mother, she loves them.
    Lovely pic Jeanne!

  6. I love Azaleas… one of my favorite flowers and, thankfully, something my deer don’t eat.

  7. Summer

    amazing flowers!! lovely the colors!!

  8. These beauties don’t grow where we live but they’re gorgeous. We have a lot of very hot weather plants like bouganville.

    • I love bouganville! At our old house we had one that was almost 10 yrs old. It was absolutely gorgeous! However my husband despised it. It would catch him with its sharp needles everytime he mowed the yard. Alas one day he had had enough and it was no more.

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  10. I have not seen Azaleas since I moved to the southwest. Beautiful

  11. Azaleas, always a standout in any garden. They’re colorful, fragrant, lively. Makes anyone’s day bright and cheerful. It did mine. Thanks for sharing.

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