Food Network Fall Lineup

 This hungry City Girl living in the Country is in Foodie Heaven!

I enjoy watching the Food Network any chance I get.  Although I rarely prepare the recipes I do take away helpful hints and tips and incorporate them into my own recipes.  I especially enjoy watching, The Barefoot Contessa and Giada at Home. 

This Foodie wanna be is thrilled that there are two new shows making their debut this weekend.  It is the first real sign that this incredibly hotter than hell Texas summer is on its way out.  Just to be able to use the word “FALL” in a sentence brings to mind cooler temperatures, football season, pumpkin patches and delicious warm comforting recipes coming to life in the kitchen. 

Hungry Girl airs Sunday at 10/9c on the Food Network.  Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, is a typical woman struggling with the same food issues as most women.  What started out as a daily email amongst friends has grown into a nationwide phenomenon. 

Pioneer Woman airs Saturday 11:30/10:30c on the Food Network.  Her name is Ree.  She is an incredibly popular blogger, a self-proclaimed desperate housewife and she lives in the country.

I will be programming the DVR for the next several weeks so as not to miss a minute of a single episode. 


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8 responses to “Food Network Fall Lineup

  1. We like watching the Food Network.

    Not sure that either of these shows will draw me in or not . . . time will tell. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. therandomsoflife

    I wish I had cable only for that channel!! I miss it 🙂 I LOVE the Pioneer Woman.

  3. My kids love it Bu I don’t entirely love it as the sumptuous foods make me very hungry and I won’t be making most of the dishes shown anyway…
    Nevertheless, It is a lovely, colorful network… 🙂

  4. I just did a searched for it. We have Dish but it was not on the Food Network for us. Ours was on a channel called “FOOD”, which I located somewhere in the upper regions of the heavens.(you know one of those obscure channels around the three or four hundred mark). Nevertheless, I don’t get it, having basic and all. You will have to share the recipes you love..I mean, it is only fair, right? You did temped us with a great show and all. teehee 🙂 Love Fall, love the pumpkin pic and really love your blog.

  5. I love Pioneer Woman too – she was an inspiration when I started my NOLA Wild and Precious blog, although mine is nowhere near as incredible as hers! I would like to watch her show too, but alas, no cable. Enjoy your new Food Network shows!

  6. As I am located in German everything I got is the internet. From the few Girls you picked, I only know The Pioneer Woman and simply love her blog, recipes and stuff. If she would be on TV here in Germany, I would always be keen to watching and even more to visit her on her farm 😀
    Great post*Linn*

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