Blog Trouble

My blog trouble started sometime this afternoon.  It was my blog nightmare.  I logged on to my WordPress account and clicked over to see the daily posts waiting for me…

There were no posts. No Posts?  No Posts! 

Now that I think about it, this all started yesterday.  But I thought the lack of posts were due to Hurricane Irene out on the East Coast.   Then this afternoon the only blog posts showing up was the Daily Post from WordPress.  Now I thought… that’s Weird!

Immediately I thought I had inadvertently hidden the posts and began trying to troubleshoot the problem.  That would not be the case. 

As it turns out several bloggers are reporting the same problem.  I should have left well enough alone, but that is not what I did. 

Shortly after reporting the problem I was checking to see if the problem had been fixed.  Now it appeared that all of my Blog subscriptions had doubled.  I began deleting the duplicates.  Thinking I was leaving the original subscriptions the way they were. 

This is when it went from bad to worse.   Now, not only are the posts missing but the blog subscriptions are gone as well.

So I decided to re-follow each of you.  I used my recent posts and your comments to track you down.  Guess what?  Your blog posts are still missing from the list of posts I follow. 

I hope the good people at WordPress get this bug exterminated soon. 

I am missing my blogging family…

  • What type of blogging snafus have you experienced? 
  •  How long did it take to have it resolved? 
  •  Was the support team responsive?


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6 responses to “Blog Trouble

  1. Yikes….sounds like a nightmare. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  2. Jeanne, I’ve noticed a few people having issues and wonder if it’s the result of “solar explosions.” I don’t remember when they were to take effect.

    The only time I’ve contacted WP for help, they said they’d work on it and get back to me. They didn’t get back to me . . . but the problem cleared up.

    Keep us posted if you keep having problems.

  3. I hope you can recieve now comments again?

  4. This is me doing the H*A*p*P*y D*A*n*c*E…I can see your posts under the follow tab….again!!!! Thank WordPress Peeps!!!

  5. Christine Grote

    That’s sort of scary. I try to back up my posts on my computer, but I am several months behind on that project. I think I’ll bump it up on my priority list.

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