Man’s Best Friend…

Can a Man’s Best Friend be a Woman’s Best Friend?  You betcha”!  Well at least it might be true when it comes to friends of the canine variety.

The catchphrase Man’s Best Friend is believed to have been popularized in a courtroom speech in 1870 by George Graham Vest, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog.”

For the past 8 months our best friends, our two little Shih Tzus, have welcomed blogger friends and visitors alike to this little corner of cyberspace. 

Our “girls” are happy and playful.  They are courageous watch dogs as well as extremely affectionate.  They have delightful personalities with expressive adorable faces. 

Man's Best Friend...Miss Ripley

This is Miss Ripley.  She is a Mama’s girl.  However, at the time of this picture she was none too happy with Mama.  She had been to see Ms. Ginger at the Pampered Pooch.  When I picked her up she decided to give me a bit of attitude.  I don’t think she was digging the bows.

She is never far from my side and usually under foot especially when I am on the computer.  She will snuggle up to me any chance she gets.  I call her Mama because she acts like one not because she is one. 

This is Miss Chloe.  She is not camera-shy.  This is one of a series of pictures taken around our house and Chloe is in every picture.  It is almost like “Where’s Waldo’?  She is a daddy’s girl.  She is young at heart and a bit of a tom-boy.  If you get too close she will give you a big wet kiss right on your smoocher.  If something is going on in the kitchen Miss Chloe is sure to be circling the island hoping to find a stray veggie or two. 

If you have a dog in your family you already know what a joy they can be.  They are always happy to see you no matter if you have been gone for 5 minutes or 5 days. 

They put on the dog every time you come through the door.   They are the quintessential welcoming committee.  Tails wagging, happy barking and doggie dancing all to welcome you home.  You can’t help but respond to them with your own delightful greeting. 

Well that is until you discover what they have been up to while you have been away. 

 No matter what…they will always be referred to as  Man’s Best Friend!


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6 responses to “Man’s Best Friend…

  1. I loved this, Jeanne! Give them both a big kiss from me.

  2. We have a shih Tzu as well. Ozo the Bozzo. He has the goofiest eyes! He loves to “groom” us every night before bedtime. It’s his ritual and if you’re not careful, he too, will get your lips. Although, he knows he’s not supposed to. He sticks to the forehead.

    Everyone LOVES him. He plays fetch, has been taught a few tricks and will sleep until it’s ready to play. He scrounges the ground for dropsies from the kiddos. He’s just a good dog and FRIENDLY to all people and other dogs of all sizes. he just wants to play endlessly. His personality matches us. Most of the time he listens and understands what you want him to do.

    He has grown on us quite a bit and kids keep asking for a companion for him, but no- we don’t have space for extra pets.

    Lake Forest, CA
    ** Monday’s weigh in- down 14lbs in 3 weeks! Wahoo!

  3. You might like to watch this video:

    It’s a video of a HAPPY dog after being rescued by the HSUS. He is literally dancing for joy! 😀

  4. I love your dogs Jeanne, attitudes an’ all!

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