2011 Post a Day/Week Challenge: 8 Down 4 To Go

Erica Johnson with The Daily Post asked…”So, Post a Day and Post a Week participants, how are you and your blog doing?”

Just Write!

I signed on to the Post a Day/Week  2011 Blogging Challenge in January. 

The challenge has been my “accountability partner”. 

It has kept me on track, even when the blogging train was close to de-railing

I have traveled to New Zealand, Austraila, Paris, New York,  Germany and Portugal without leaving the comfort of my home.

 I have taken a ride in a hot air balloon and explored Macchu Picchu. 

I have “tasted” incredibly delicious foods through the lens of a camera. 

I have spent days contemplating a single word and how to interpret it into a photo.

I have enjoyed strolling through the NOLA Details of my home town even though I no longer live there. 

Some of my days began with Mirth and Motivation and some days I let the Spirit Light the Way.

I befriended a Piglet living in Portugal and I walked a mile in someones shoes.

I met a Laughing Housewife and a Woman Wielding Words.  

I discovered an incredibly courageous writer who lives her life one flannel Pajama Day at a time.  As well as a NOLA girl at heart living in Texas who loves sharing her incredibly ordinary life-story!

My life has been enriched by those who have welcomed me into their lives and for that I will be forever grateful for this 2011 blogging challenge.


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15 responses to “2011 Post a Day/Week Challenge: 8 Down 4 To Go

  1. I love the way you answered this!

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. what a great post…I agree with Tilly that I love how you answered this daily post. Thank you. I have loved getting to know you and reading all of your posts!

  3. I love the way you have answered this daily post, it was like taking a journey with our blogging buddies!

  4. What a wonderful post, Jeanne.

    We get out of blogging what we put into it. Some people sit in their little blog corner . . . waiting for people to come see them and read their words.

    Others, like you, take advantage of the opportunity to visit all corners of the blogiverse . . . and are rewarded for the effort.

    Keep sharing your world with us. We love it! 😀

    • Thanks Nancy, blogging has opened up my world in so many ways…I want to enJOY life to the fullest and then write about it! Hopefully one day my Grandchildren will read my blog/book and know that I got out of life what I put into it…everything!

  5. And we have been enriched by you! Love your blog!

    • Hi Donna, NOLA is short for New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a term mostly used by locals. Emeril Lagasse has a restaurtant named NOLA and the nickname is catching on. I think your question has just inspired a future post. Enjoy your day!

  6. Great way of reviewing your journey… It has been a fun ride. Keep going. 🙂

  7. Beautiful post – it has been an incredible journey, hasn’t it? Thank you for the shout out, too! Cheers!

  8. My life has been enriched by those who have welcomed me into their lives and for that I will be forever grateful for this 2011 blogging challenge.

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