Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Here is this weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Here is a glimpse down a path that has existed for 300 years…well certainly not the bricks but the path between the oaks.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

 Oak Alley
The double row of live oaks were planted in the early 18th century.  The canopied path is approximately 800 feet long.  The trees are believed to be 300 years old.  
  They were planted long before the current home was built.  But now they grace the front lawn of Oak Alley Plantation.
I have been giving this path a bit of thought and my mind has wandered to the days, years and even centuries past. 
 I can imagine at one time this breathtaking entrance was filled with the comings and goings of  horse-drawn carriages.  Handsomely dressed Gentlemen and elegantly dressed Ladies arriving for lawn parties or evening soirees.
I can imagine there have been more than a handful of Southern Belles courted by southern gentlemen as they sat and enjoyed a mint julep on the veranda. 
I can also imagine the difficult lives of the men and women who worked this plantation.  There were fewer who worked it out of desire than those who were enslaved to it. 
I can imagine the armies camped out under the trees and the home housing the officers of the North or the South. 
I can imagine the tears that have been shed over the years for lost love and loved ones lost.
Oak Alley has stood the test of time and she is a Grande Dame still holding court on the banks of the Mississippi River
Until next time! … À la prochaine!  



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21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

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  3. Gorgeous photo! Love the content and lighting.

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  5. love it! make me want to go for a stroll!

  6. that red line is a surprising contrast to the old trees …

  7. How aptly named! Oak Alley.. wonderful path.

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  9. a strong path with those giants on either side!

  10. Christine Grote

    I love those tree-lined drives you see in the south. Is that where this picture was taken?

  11. Gorgeous pathways… 🙂

  12. Beautiful pathway. Would love walking it. 🙂

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