Wildfires…living in a tinder box


A viewer snapped this photo of a fire burning near Needville in Ft. Bend County.  If you see news happening, snap a photo and send it to news@abc13.com.

A passerby captured this photo as the firefighters were springing into action.

This morning I am feeling incredibly anxious due to the current situation facing the area where I live.  Although there is no immediate danger at this time the smell of smoke and the haze from the wildfires to our north have left my heart racing. 

We live in a beautiful wooded area.  Our immediate neighbors are deer, rabbits, owls, armadillos, the occasional opossum and dozens and dozens of beautiful birds.  Living in this area has so many wonderful benefits; incredibly quiet days and the darkest nights that give way to millions of stars. 

I can look out any window in my home and see rabbits nibbling on the wildflowers.  I can turn and gaze through another window and a small herd of deer are meandering along the edge of the property.  When I step outside there is a gentle rustle in treetops as the squirrels scurry about foraging for their next meal.  And all the while the air is filled with the sweet songs of birds calling to one another.

However, today is a bit different.  My piece of mind is a bit shaken.  As beautiful as our wooded wonderland is..it is also a tinder box.  Our area is incredibly dry from months upon months of little to no rain.  Our lawns no longer resemble manicured golf course greens. They more likely resemble dried up hay fields. The wooded areas are full of dead dried up trees that have succumbed to the drought conditions.  The dried underbrush and dead grasses are natural kindling.  What was a cool comfortable breezy September patio dining day is now just fuel for the fires. 

My heart aches for those who are in the path of these fires, those who are fighting the fires and for the beautiful landscape that will be changed for years and years.  If you are a praying person please pray for our firefighters, the families who have lost everything and the wildlife that has been affected.  If you are not a praying person please send good thoughts our way. 

I am keeping an eye on the sky and my computer tuned to the news stations for developing stories..I am more anxious today than when I have been faced with an impending hurricane, even a category 4.


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14 responses to “Wildfires…living in a tinder box

  1. Gidget

    Jeanne I have been praying for yall. We had a marsh fire a few weeks ago. The marshes burned in Slidell the smoke and haze were so bad we could not go outside. I can’t imagine how horrible it is to see the beautiful forest turning into ashes. I’m praying for rain for you.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could re-direct the rain from the soggy Northeast (and New Orleans) and send it your way?

    Since I can’t send the rain . . . I’ll send good thoughts your way. Here’s hoping the fires settle down in the not-too-distant future.

  3. Fingers crossed the fires pass you by! Do they have some sort of siren to wake people up if the fires are sweeping across at night?

    • PIP, no sirens or at least none that I know of..we don’t even have a home telephone. We will depend on the kindness of our neighbors to warn us if they get too close.

  4. My goodness…that sounds really frightening!

  5. Sending prayers your way…hope all disasters are avoided!

  6. The description of your home area is wonderful–I can feel from your words how much you love it. Best wishes on stemming the fires. Sending raindrops your way . . .

  7. You must live close to Austin. I live in Amarillo. I am sure this is really scary for you. It sounds like your property is awesome. I’ll say a prayer it stays that way!

    • Esther, thank you so much. We are closer to Houston and yesterday there was a wildfire in Ft Bend County which is our neighboring county. Thank you for your prayers.

  8. Christine Grote

    Our country sore has a big problem with the balance of water right now. Too much for some of my blogging friends and too little for others.

    We need a major scientific breakthrough in controlling the weather, where we could direct big rain storms where they are needed. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Hope all stays safe for you.

  9. Hope all in your household are safe. 🙂

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