911 Our Common Thread

Common Thread of Our Generation

911 is the common thread of our generation.  The one event that an entire generation can speak of their own experience.  It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since that fateful day. 

There have been major events like this throughout history.  People of every generation have a day or an even, a common thread, that is seared into their memory.  People know exactly where they were and what they were doing the day the space shuttle Challenger fell from the sky, the day President John F Kennedy was shot, the day Pearl Harbor was bombed and the day Man walked on the moon. 

Fate: Destiny, an inevitable course of events

There was a plan put into action long before the sun came up on the morning of September 11, 2001.  Most of the country woke up to a beautiful crisp September morning.  We each went about getting ready to face another day, making lunches, checking appointment books, attending meetings and planning our lives and hurrying off to catch a plane. 

That day began like hundreds of other days but it would end entirely different.  It would end in horror and disbelief for most.  

I was at work, going about my day doing what I do…and in a matter of minutes, based on decisions put into place by individuals on a mission of destruction, fueled by hate and driven by their beliefs my world would never be the same. 

For the first few hours I think I was in shock.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  I was paralyzed by the images on the television.  I remember All I wanted to do was go home and be with my family and Hold them close.  For the next several days I was consumed with watching the replay of the shocking footage and left wondering WHY.  Why so much hate and anger?  Why so many innocent lives lost?  Why America?  Why? Why? Why?

I remember the city seemed to stand still.  The traffic was lighter and fewer people were out.  The sky’s were empty and eerily quiet.  People became more courteous to one another over night.  We seemed to put our differences aside.

I know that I know longer think the way I did on September 10, 2001.  I am much more cautious.  I no longer enjoy flying.  I lost my innocent belief that I lived in a country where that wouldn’t happen. 

My life has changed considerably since that day.  Some aspects directly because of the events of the day.  Some in spite of the events, life goes on.  If I was to stop doing what I love or going where I want, I would cease to be me.  Then I would have allowed my fate to be determined by someone I never knew.

September 11th 2001 was a turning point in my life.  What happened that day has shaped who I am. I am a different person today than I would be if that had not happened. 

Those of us who witnessed the events of that day are bound together by a common thread.  We all remember 911.


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17 responses to “911 Our Common Thread

  1. Thank you so much for the link back to this fine Article. We are all Americans this day and hopefully everyday as we advance our fight for Freedom.

  2. very well said. And, you are correct, I know exactly for each of those events (except Pearl harbor, I’m old, but not that old, yet I hope)

    Thank you for this

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  5. Thank you for your 9/11 contribution. People like you are why I enjoy serving.

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  7. Thanks, jeanne, for this post. Who would have thought that ten years later, we can still relive that shock and pain?

    • We just finished watching the documentary on the firefighters of ladder 1. It was an very personal account, one I could not begin to imagine. Everyday I am thankful for our military, police and firefighters who choose to protect and serve people they do not know.

  8. That day was a turning point, for sure. Before then, I knew that the world was a dangerous place (suicide bombings happened all the time in the Middle East, right?) That was the day I realized safety was an illusion, even on American soil.

    I will never understand ‘why?’ and still remain confused by how these jihadists despised the Western world (America in particular) but reportedly enjoyed the comforts of our way of life. Instead, I choose to let my thoughts rest on the positive aspects of the tragedy – the sense of community that spread all over the country, as well as the personal ‘wake up calls’ to think about what is important in life and be thankful for our blessings.

    P.S. I was never a fan of air travel. September 11th didn’t help.

    • We rarely hear about how many people survived that day…20,000. That is a testament to the courage of the first responders. Let’s celebrate that today!

      I heard a news reporter describe today as the “day America lost it’s spirit” but I think its the day America found its spirit. We always have the choice to choose joy or not, choose happiness or not, choose to be positive or not. I hope we can choose to live our life filled with joyful moments.

      enJOY your day!

  9. you wrote: “I am a different person today than I would be if that had not happened.” me too…

  10. We all lost a part of ourselves that day… Living in NY and working in the city, 9/11 changed my life forever… I wrote a post about it too. It was one of our saddest days… 😦

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