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The Starters Exercise Plan

Jumping Jacks

I wish I knew where the starters exercise plan originated.    I stumbled on this list on a post on sparkpeople.com. The post alluded to the fact that the list originated elsewhere but there was no mention of where that might have been.  At first I thought I might want to thank the person who took the time to write down this program for beginners.  Then I thought better of it.  I am not in the least way a person who enjoys exercise. I know it is important for my well-being and quality of life.  However, I have never gotten to the point of really looking forward to a day spent in the gym. 

At first glance this exercise plan looks doable…really doable.  At least until I attempted the first set of  jumping jacks. All of sudden the very doable exercise program was not going to be doable at all.  I have a knee issue, a deteriorating meniscus.  My Doctor is sure my knee can be rehabed with a regular routine of low impact exercise.   He suggested bike riding and or swimming.  I was riding my bike until the Texas summer temperatures started hanging out around 100 degrees every day.  Swimming was not an option.

I really want to  should give this exercise plan a try.  I want to need to rehab my knee and burn some calories.  So I decided to find a way around the jumping jack obstacle.  The internet is full of information if you just look for it (unfortunately you don’t have to look very hard)…I found a few suggestions for low impact “jumping” jacks.  So where you see jumping jacks in the exercise plan I have substituted a low impact version. 

Now if I can just get past this chronic case of procrastination I might find my way on the road to recovery. 

Day 1     30 jumping jacks and 10 crunches

Day 2     35 jumping jacks and 15 crunches

Day 3      40 jumping jacks and 20 crunches

Day 4     45 jumping jacks and 10 sit-ups

Day 5     BREAK

Day 6     50 jumping jacks and 15 sit-ups

Day 7     30 crunches and 10 leg lifts

Day 8     55 jumping jacks and 10 leg lifts

Day 9      60 jumping jacks

Day 10     10 lunges and

Day 11    BREAK

Day 12    15 crunches and 10 leg lifts

Day 13     20 leg lifts and 20 sit-ups

Day 14    15 minutes jogging in place

Day 15    10 lunges each leg and 60 jumping jacks

Day 16     BREAK

Day 17     20 leg lifts and 10 toe touches

Day 18     5 minute jog in place and 15 toe touches and 10 lunges each leg

Day 19    20 lunges each leg and 10 toe touches

Day 20    10 lunges each leg, 10 sit-ups and 20 jumping jacks


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