Meet Mugsy…attack cat!

Attack Cat…Mugsy!

This past weekend I met Mugsy…attack cat!

Mugsy is one of many cats that call Frenier Swamp home.

Mugsy shares his home with lots of swamp wildlife. 

He has developed a bit of an attitude toward one species in particular.

Mugsy’s antics have landed him on youtube and he has become a youtube sensation

 You just have to see it to believe it! 

Meet Mugsy!
Attack Cat…Mugsy!


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16 responses to “Meet Mugsy…attack cat!

  1. And I thought June Buggie was brave by smacking ME around!

  2. That was amazing, never seen anything like it before! Go Mugsy!

  3. wow! that was insane!!!
    I think Mugsy is a lion in

  4. better yet a thundercat 🙂

  5. That’s just crazy! And Mugsy looks like Tigger. I better watch my toes. 😀

    Thanks, Jeanne.

  6. The look on that cat’s face reminds me of my kitty, Cybil (full name: Cybil the Psycho Cat). Even with his “don’t mess with me” attitude, I’m a little surprised the gators didn’t eat him!

    The people didn’t seem bothered by the gators. Do the gators leave people alone?

    • Personally, I wouldn’t trust a gator…however, they are typically warry of humans. I suppose these gators are being fed by the tour company. Not a good practice.

  7. Oh, it’s an interesting video.The cat is very brave.

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  9. I like him already… Daring enough to stand up to an alligator. 🙂

  10. Wow! I can’t believe this!

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