Weekly Photo Challenge…Opportunity

This weeks WordPress weekly photo challenge is Opportunity.

What is an opportunity?  According to Merriam Webster; An opportunity is a favorable juncture of circumstances.  A pleasing connection at a point in time where a condition or event determines another.

My mind immediately focused on the many opportunities that present themselves each and everyday… more precisely missed opportunities.

How many opportunities have I missed?  I hope not too many.  I do try to think of others needs before my own.  I am not claiming to be a Saint but I do try to live my life with JOY!   Remembering to follow Jesus first and put others before myself.  A life filled with JOY doesn’t have too many missed opportunities.

I believe that I have daily opportunities to reach my hand across the chasm of the unfamiliar and make a difference in one persons life.  A genuine smile, a warm handshake, an available shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, a hand to hold and a genuine heartfelt conversation.

How many times a day do I pass by someone who for the smallest random act of kindness would change their day, their week, their life?

I do not think that I can interact with every person who crosses my path in a day but I can take the time to positively interact with someone.

For this weeks photo challenge I am submitting a music video.

How many missed opportunities are there everyday?  How many times do we unconsciously make a positive impact in someones day just by our random acts of kindness?  I hope the random acts of kindness out weigh the missed opportunities in all of our lives.

Slow down…take your time…look for…the next opportunity…to make a difference…in someones day!

Nothing is so often irretrievably missed as a daily opportunity.  ~Marie von


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14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge…Opportunity

  1. A warm and caring post. I love your choice of words. And I have watched this music video twice, it is absolutely perfect for the message you are sending out.

  2. Wonderful song. I love Casting Crowns rendition of “Who Am I?”

  3. There is nothing like turning someone’s frown into a smile! 😀

  4. That song is one of my favorite…” Does anybody hear her?” A song that reminds us not to take forget people we come across with. People whose heart may be crying for love and attention. In the end , we are our brother’s keeper. Sometimes, it takes a beautiful post or a heartfelt song to remind us why we are here in this world. Your post gave all of as a priceless opportunity to reflect and look at life in a more meaningful way. Stay blessed my friend.

  5. “Remembering to follow Jesus first and put others before myself. A life filled with JOY doesn’t have too many missed opportunities.”

    That is very true =) THanks for the reminder..

  6. Great idea to offer a video… I was thinking of missed opportunities too as I worked on my post which will be delivered later tonight… 🙂 By the way, you have an email address next to my Wisdom & Humor related articles post. Did it show up like that? 😦

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  8. I love Casting Crowns, but had not seen this video before. It is so easy to get caught up in our own little world so we don’t even pay attention to those we come in contact with who might be waiting for a smile, a kind word – something. Those are certainly missed opportunities to show (not tell about) God’s love and forgiveness.

    Thanks for the great post!

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