Evolution of a Junkers dream…

This is the evolution of a Junkers dream!  Does that line sound vaguely familiar to anyone else?  A great Segway to my next Music Moves Me post.  But I digress…

Before jumping in with both feet I read the best e-book, “Selling in an Antique Mall, A Beginners Guide, by Inis Lovely and Sue LaLumia”.  I found the content incredibly helpful.  There wasn’t a single question left unanswered at least not for a novice such as myself.  There were tips on 1)How to Choose an Antique Mall, 2)Setting up your Business, 3) Buying Inventory to Sell, 4) Get Ready to Move In and Sell and 5) Managing and Maintaining.

Looking over all of the vintage treasures I had collected and stored in our garage for the past year was overwhelming to say the least.  Where do I start? How much should I take with me?  What’s the first step?  No worries…the “Beginners Guide” was very clear on what should happen first, second, third and so on.  After choosing the right Antique Center for me and securing my space it was time to get organized.

On the recommendation of Inis and Sue,  we measured out and marked my booth size in the driveway.  Piece by piece we filled the “booth” with the overwhelming pile of stuff stored in the garage.  Little by little it began to evolve into a Junkers dream come true.

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9 responses to “Evolution of a Junkers dream…

  1. I hope you SELL IT ALL in short order . . . and empty out your garage in the process!

    Best of luck!

  2. Oh honey that is not junk that is GREAT stuff.

  3. Hi! I found you through Sony’s yobynos wordpress blog. I too am a thrift shop/junker addict.

    Among other stuff I write about, I do a weekly segment of what I have found. Your stuff is so inspirational though! They must have great stuff in TX!



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  5. Wonderful! i should be doing same in Spring. I have an eBay store that has been empty in year. I might try it again. Best wishes! 🙂

  6. Thank you for the pictures. You have many treasures.

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