Small Business Saturday…saving America one brick at a time…

Re-post from January 26, 2011
Invest in America, support the local brick and mortar businesses that our country was built on.  Investing in the  independently owned businesses in our neighborhoods helps our local economy.  These businesses employ our neighbors and strengthen our community.

The Local

I have a passion for locally owned businesses.  Not because I am a small business owner but because I appreciate the time and energy and the financial commitment local business owners bring to the game.  Small business owners are dreamers and risk takers.  They are passionate about what they do!

I have been a supporter of locally owned businesses for years.  I will always choose to shop, eat or use a service company that is locally owned over a big chain business.  Always!

The Patio @ The Local

I have posted about my favorite neighborhood businesses as well as local businesses I have discovered on weekend getaways.  My husband and I always gravitate to “the local” whenever and wherever we travel.  We had a couple of weekend getaways last summer; Galveston and New Orleans where we supported many locally owned businesses.  We supported the local restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, antique stores, and a couple of art galleries.  We met wonderful people who love what they do and we were treated like old friends.

Star Drug Store

A few of my local favs that I frequent at least once a month are; The Local Restaurant, Browse Aroun’ Antiques and  the Something Unique Gift Shop.  My #1 favorite local lunch spot, The Pear Tree Tea Room, closed it’s doors just before Christmas.  They had a great location, loyal following and delicious food.  I know things are difficult at best in this economy so the local businesses need all the support you can give them.

Acme Oyster House

Recently I began to follow the blog over at The Red Door Antiques.  While surfing through the blog site I noticed a button; the 3/50 Project, saving the brick and mortars our nation is built on.  My interest was piqued.  I clicked on the button and was directed to a website filled with some very interesting information.  I would like to share some of what I read;

3    What three independently owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared?

50   If half the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate over $42 billion dollars in revenue.

The folks at the project say that  for every $100 spent in an independent locally owned business $68 returns to the community in payroll, taxes and other expenditures.  If that $100 is spent in a national chain $43 comes back to the community.  Shop on-line and $0 comes back to the community.  Check out the movement to save our bricks and mortar companies, they are what built this country.

Mosquito Cafe

What’s your favorite local independently owned business?  Have you supported them this month?  How would life in your community be different if you lost one of these businesses?

Make Time to Support your Independent Locally Owned Businesses


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11 responses to “Small Business Saturday…saving America one brick at a time…

  1. Stacy

    GREAT post!! I agree so much! ❤

  2. I can delete this if you’d like, but I actually enjoyed reading your post and couldn’t agree more.



    • jeanne

      Thanks Kathleen, I love visiting fadedcharm and meeting all of the ladies who are linking up on White Wednesday. I am loving the creative outlet that my blogspot blog is allowing me. I did re-post a similar picture on White Wednesday and linked it to the correct blog. Again, thanks for your kind words on the bricks and mortar post.

  3. Yup, we sure can get lost in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and the like. It’s the little guys, the local merchants who lend a personality to our communities.

    The big boys get us all of our things; but, the Mom and Pop’s add the personality. Take care, cc

  4. I can hear my sweet mother-in-law now voicing the same opinion. Good for you for posting this.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, jeanne. I love our baker, our tiny breakfast place, and our hardware store. Thanks for getting the message out there.

    • Small businesses are the backbone of this country…I hope more people will take notice of the little guys and support them during this shopping season! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I do like my local stores; especially the ones where relationships are built and they know you by name. I do shop the big stores for price and value but I add some local places that matter to me too. It is true that we must support our mom and pop stores to keep them alive and to show our appreciation for their effort. 🙂

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