The Blessing

The Blessing by John Holyfield…a wonderful depiction of an American Family celebrating Thanksgiving.

John Holyfield, widely considered one of the top African-American contemporary artists, was born and raised by his grandmothers in Clarksburg, West Virginia after being orphaned as a child. Despite the trial and tribulations that he experienced as a youth, John Holyfield went on to study Graphics Design at Howard University and at the University of Washington, D.C. after his interest and talent in art was discovered at a young age.

The Blessing I picked this up in an auction, it is on display at the Alvin Antique Center in Alvin, Texas booth #609.  It is a signed and numbered lithograph.  What a Blessing this will be in someones home.

The Blessing by John Holyfield


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9 responses to “The Blessing

  1. Talk about fortunate! It is a treasure

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is a great find.

  3. Apart from the beautiful painting, I’d love to rummage through that shop! Lots of treasures to be found there.

    • That is my newest venture…a hobby turned into a little side business..I hope to make enough money to keep buying vintage junktiques and reselling them.

      • Ah, so it IS your shop. Nice arrangement Jeanne, giving each object the space it needs, while still creating the atmosphere of a treasury. Something like that anyway, don’t know how to express my feeling.

  4. I love your shop and think that featuring pieces in your blog is a grand idea!

  5. Beautiful painting of a family sharing a meal. It would look very nice in my dining room!
    Your shop looks so inviting Jeanne, I’d love to rummage through all those little treasures!

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