Kicking off the Christmas Season begins with Trimming the Tree

It is a tradition in our home that the Christmas Tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving.  It sometimes takes several days to get all of the ornaments on the tree but at least the tree is up and the lights are on by Friday.  It is official…kicking off the Christmas Season begins with Trimming the Tree!

We have an artificial tree that my husband loves.   Every year my husband will say, “I love that tree!”  and I will say “Tell me why you love that tree”.   He proceeds to divide the original cost of the tree by the number of years we have had it and he then announces….That tree only costs us $20 this year.   Now I don’t know where you can get an eight foot noble fir-tree for $20 but acdording to my husband we have one.  I love it because once it is decorated it looks beautiful and no one knows the difference.

The guys haul the original tree box out of the attic and the process begins.  First we sort the branches by size.   Then row by row we fluff the branches and attach them to the tree one layer at a time.  When a row of branches are in place the lights are added, one row at a time.  This way I can make sure every branch gets its fair share of the lights.

Next we begin checking the lights to make sure they are in working order.  However, almost every year without fail there will be at least 2 strings of lights with only 1/2 of the lights working.  This usually causes the tree trimming to come to a screeching halt until additional strings of lights are purchased.

This year was no exception.  There were two strings of lights that were beyond repair.  So off to the big box store I went…first attempt resulted in the wrong size and color of lights.  So the next day back to the big box store to find the right lights…I was looking for mini teardrop shaped lights in warm white.  Hobby Lobby…no luck!  Wal-Mart…again no luck!  Target…after much digging and searching for a plug to check the color of the lights when lit, Ding..ding..ding…we have a winner!  Thank you Target!!!  Now we can kick off the Christmas Season by trimming the tree!


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15 responses to “Kicking off the Christmas Season begins with Trimming the Tree

  1. Let’s hear it for Target! So glad there are no more hold ups. Let the season begin!

    • Yes the Big Box store came through…it may be the only time I go to Target this christmas season. I am trying to buy from locally owned businesses when I can.

  2. Can’t believe Christmas is here! Beautiful post that makes me look forward for this merry holiday. Love the photo of the trimmed stem with a red xmas ball. Best wishes…

  3. We jettisoned the “big tree” years ago. Now we enjoy several small tabletop trees decorated with all our favorite ornaments.

    We haven’t done any decorating this year. Don’t know when (or if) we will. We’re not in the mood. The excess consumerism and commercialization of the season has soured the holiday season for us.

    Ho~Ho~Ho! —> Bah Humbug!

    • Nancy, don’t let those over indulgent, lack of self control crazies ruin your Holiday spirit. The Spirit of Christmas is within…it’s there waiting to be unwrapped. JOY to you and your family this Holiday Season!

    • Thanks, Jeanne. I expect that we will decorate at some point. If not, we’ll just light candles. 😀

  4. We had a forever tree until last year, then it disintegrated right before my eyes. This year we are trying a real one. MY FIRST! I hope I get a good post for this, otherwise, the effort of hiking, choosing, fussing, fighting, cutting, tugging and carrying it all the way home will result in a very unhappy lumberjack, ME

    • I love the name “forever tree” so much more positive and upbeat than “artifical” tree…Thank you for teaching me something new today! I have no doubt that your Christmas Tree excursion will result in one or two wonderfully entertaining posts. Merry Merry Christmas!

  5. I rather like your charlie brown tree….:)

  6. Target never disappoints!! Since we moved to a small cottage ten years back, there’s barely room for a big tree–although we have squeezed one (or squeezed us out) in the living room. Then I tried a real small one. Now I have several small artificial trees of different sizes–a stand of trees–that I decorate. Yay! Let’s decorate.

  7. I really like your little tree. I wish there was a local business to supply your every lighting need so that everything didn’t go to big box stores.

    • Tammy, if I hadn’t had to go out Sunday to get the lights I would have gone to the locally owned hardware store. But I do appreciate the fact that they are closed on Sunday. I will shop with them at some time during the next 4 weeks. Merry Christmas!

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