Our Christmas Tree Up Close…

Well it took a week to get the tree decorated.  It is layers and layers of lights and decorations.  Here are few pictures of our tree up close.

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Our tree up close.. is a wonderful combination of old and new, handmade and store-bought ornaments. There are primitive hand cut metal crosses and sparkly glass beads.  There are mercury glass ornaments and a collection of ornaments gathered from our vacations.  There are silver pheasants perched on the branches as well as hand blown red glass baubles tucked in here and there.  There are little fuzzy orbs on sticks that look like they are from “Horton Hears a Who”.  It is a very eclectic tree…its a lot like me…I hope you enjoy our up close tree.

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16 responses to “Our Christmas Tree Up Close…

  1. That is one seriously beautifully decorated tree!

  2. Beautiful tree! We haven’t even started decorating yet 😦

  3. Jeanne, this tree takes my breath away. So much attention, specialties and love. You should leave it all year long. Ah no, then it wouldn’t be as special anymore.

    • Marion, thank you for your kind words. I love decorating…I think thats why I am enjoying my new little business so much. I have the opportunity each week to move things arounda and give the space a new look.

  4. What a great tree! I love the sparkle and shine of it all. I love turning off all the lights just to sit and look at the tree. Thanks for the ping, too.

  5. Danny Terrill

    I love our tree also. Jeanne has an eye for bringing out the beauty in things. I am blessed to live in such a decorated home. Thanks for doing so much for us. Love ya lots.

  6. Your tree is gorgeous. And the wordpress snow is appropriate I think. I haven’t noticed it yet on other blogs, but on your blog it really gets us in the spirit.
    Last night my husband and I skyped with our grandson. We set the laptop so he could see the tree behind us and then we moved the camera around so he could see the ornaments up close.

  7. Beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  8. Thanks for the reminder…got to put our tree up.
    I agree with your readers…beautiful tree!

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  10. That is sure a beautiful tree!!

  11. The ornaments look lovely. 😉

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