how the grinch stole christmas or the dirty santa gift exchange…

Originally called Chinese Gift Exchange…but because someone has been offended or there is at least the potential for someone to be offended it is being suggested that the name of the game be changed.  The suggested names I have seen are; Yankee Swap, Gift War, Dirty Santa, Rob Your Neighbor or Grinch Christmas.   For the record, I am wondering if Yankees, Santa’s, Neighbors or Grinches will be offended by the name change? What if I am offended that you are offended?  Does that count for something?   hold on, stop the bus, this is heading down a different path than intended…sorry back to the point at hand…

My husband’s family are great sports and make the most of our family gift exchange.  There is always a wide variety of gifts to steal choose from. This year it is our turn to host the Family Christmas Festivities and I needed to brush up on the rules of the game.

For those of you who have not participated in a “chinese gift exchange” you are missing out on lots of laughs and tons of fun.  Here are the rules of the game just in case you decide to give it a go.

Rule #1- If you want to participate in the game you must bring a wrapped gift of a predetermined value!

Rule #2-The gifts should be gender neutral if it’s a mixed crowd.

Rule#3-Once you know exactly how many people are participating in the gift exchange which is determined by the number of wrapped gifts.  You will place numbers in a bowl that represent each gift.  Those participating will each choose a number which will determine when you will take your turn at choosing or stealing a gift.

Rule #5-Each person will take a turn determined by the number drawn and either open a wrapped gift or steal a previously opened gift.  You start with #1 and work your way through all of the numbers.  Unfortunately the person who starts off the game has only the option to un-wrap a gift.  But don’t lose heart you will get a go at stealing if you choose.

Rule#6- When a persons gift is stolen they then choose an unwrapped gift which will end that round or steal a previously opened gift requiring that person to make the same choice.

Rule #7-There are typically a few gifts that are more popular than others.  Once a gift has been un-wrapped and stolen 3 times the gift is frozen.  This gift is no longer in play.

Rule #8-Once you have gone through all of the numbers the person who had #1 and started the game off will have the choice to keep the gift they have or steal a gift that is still in play.  Whatever the decision the game ends at that point.  The exchange does not continue!

The more stealing that goes on the more fun and laughs everyone will have.

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!!!


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6 responses to “how the grinch stole christmas or the dirty santa gift exchange…

  1. Jeanne we do this at Momma’s on Christmas Eve and it is fun. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! LOVE YOU!

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  4. We did this at work many years ago. I ended up with a Jingle Cats CD. Funny for the first minute or so…insanely annoying after that. (It was basically cats dubbed to meow with familiar Christmas songs.) It was lots of fun, anyway.

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