Chalk Paint Project…a beginners attempt

Chalk paint is the hottest thing going in furniture refinishing.  The paint is terribly expensive but easy to use.  This is my first chalk paint project.  The chair was a freebie, picked from an old barn.

Chalk Paint Project...Duck Egg BlueI originally thought about painting it primer red but thought, what if it turns out great…blue works better with my home decor.  I might want to use it as my desk chair for a little while.

First coat

Chalj Paint Project...First Coat

Second Coat:

Chalk Paint Project...second coat

Sanding and distressing

Chalk Paiant Project...sanding and destressing

Here it is aged and waxed…

Chalk paint project

I don’t think the picture does it justice or it really looks like this…actually it looks pretty good sitting in the extra bedroom surrounded by other items I picked up while out junkin’.  There is a gal over at the antique mall that offers classes on painting furniture with chalk paint.  I think I should sign up…

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15 responses to “Chalk Paint Project…a beginners attempt

  1. You did a nice job on that chair Jeanne! 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of chalk paint. You’ve made a great job of the chair 🙂 Well done you!

    • PIP, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is all the rage…it is pricey but you can paint 10-12 medium sized items with 1 quart. The paint dries with a chalky finish, is easy to distress and gives things a really nice aged look. Google chalk paint furniture will like what you see.

  3. I think it looks great! And the color is perfect to me…glad you did the chair, because I was actually wondering if it would work well on something like a chair, or would it rub off, etc.? Nice job.

  4. Beautiful chair, Jeanne!

    We refinished some furniture from my grandfather’s house when we first married. One of the tables is still part of our decor. 😀

    • Nancy, the color is duck egg blue..its a great color. This type of paint lends itself well to being blended with other colors..not sure whats next but I am looking forward to dipping my brush in the paint.

  5. Well done Jeanne! The chair looks really good, you did a great job!

  6. I’m always amazed by people like you who can take a casual “find” and turn it into a treasure. Someday I hope to have the time to explore such creatively fun hobbies … nifty!!

    And I love blue .. so soothing


  7. I never heard of this finish, jeanne, and I used to love refinishing old furniture. I have an old piano stool that I might consider for this finish. The chair looks great.

  8. Love the blue color – the chair is gorgeous! 🙂

  9. Sue

    Love it….red would have been nice but that blue….so perfect! I’m a blue girl!

  10. I know, a late response! But Jeanne, I had to tell you, you have just solved my problem of what to paint my kitchen cupboards with. I placed my order for ASCP in Original, can’t wait to try it. Thank you for the inspiration.

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