Repurposed Pumpkins…Snowmen Welcome You to our Home this Christmas!!!

How cute are these little guys…Pumpkin Snowmen Welcome You to our Home this Christmas!!!

Back in early October I ventured into Houston to the open air produce market to purchase my heirloom pumpkins as well as my seemingly ordinary pumpkins.  I really love mixing the different types and shapes of pumpkins to create an interesting look for Fall.  They really welcome the season the changing season without having to go all out.  However, I like the pumpkins so much I always have a difficult time disposing of them when its time to put the Christmas decorations up.  This year I stumbled on a crafty blogger who had a stellar idea on extending the life of her pumpkins.

Coco Chanel once stated that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” so I hope Stephanie over at Under the Table and Dreaming will be flattered should she happen to see that I borrowed her wonderful idea.

Christmas Entry...Repurposed Pumpkins


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40 responses to “Repurposed Pumpkins…Snowmen Welcome You to our Home this Christmas!!!

  1. OMG! They are ADORABLE! 😀

  2. I’m with nrhatch, simply ADORABLE!!!

  3. hello100blog

    Reblogged this on Hello100blog.

  4. barb19

    I love them! They look fantastic, and fit right in with the season!

  5. Like the pumpkins were made for it🙂

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  7. really interesting. My children love them.🙂

  8. They are awesome. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Too cool and it’s not like I can make the old fashioned kind here in Arkansas.

  10. Those turned out absolutely adorable!🙂

  11. I have never seen these and they are just the best! I love them!

    • So easy to put them together…randomly sized pumpkins spray painted and a few buttons hot glued in place and a little leftover ribbon and Voila…pumpkin snowmen!

  12. What a brilliant idea! This seems like such a no brainer, but I’ve seen it done- very cool.

  13. What a cool and artistic idea. I should have both those pumpkins selling for 75% off post Thanksgiving. I need to check my local grocery, may be they still have one. It does not snow in Houston and this is one impressive snowman.
    Wishing you and your family all the love , joy , peace and good health this Holiday season and everyday. A toast to a memorable 2011 and to an awesome 2012 to come.

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