All I want for Christmas…

Christmas cannot be all that we want it to be. It’s only a holiday.

Christmas cannot bring harmony to your home.

Christmas cannot bring peace on earth.

Christmas cannot bring happiness.

But Christ Himself can do all of this and more.

That is really what we are longing for deep… inside.

 • Not Christmas, but Christ.

• Not merriment, but the Messiah.

• Not goodwill, but God.

• Not presents, but His presence.

Anything or anyone short of this will disappoint.

 But God never will.

That’s what I want for Christmas–Jesus Christ.

Taken from the Greg Laurie Daily Devotion


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9 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

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  3. Happy Christmas! This has deep message.

  4. Amanda

    People seem to have forgotten the REAL meaning of Christmas, and seem caught up in the commercial aspect of it. Great post!

  5. Perfectly put Jeanne! Blessings to you and yours!

  6. Perfect message on Christmas morning.

  7. I’m reading this at the end of Christmas day, but I agree 100% with these sentiments. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  8. a prayer…for every day…not just christmas…

    hugs for sharing…hugmamma. 🙂

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