Trendy…I’m not

Ok, Trendy I’m not… I am not typically up on the newest trends.  I do not run with a crowd that keeps up with fashion week or the up and coming fashion designers.  When it comes to fashion I like what I like because it compliments my shape, I find it comfortable and its affordable.  If it’s all of these things and it’s versatile it could find its way into my closet.  When I buy clothes I try to  remember that the clothes do not make the person the person makes the clothes, or something like that.  Or in this case the boots.

This is a trend I can get into, size 7 please and thank you,  and support for all of the reasons I have listed as well as the fact that it is a product that is Made in America.  The fashion trend that is showing up on college campus’ is LL Bean’s familiar Duck Boot.  The well-known boot is probably benefiting from the retro trend that is sweeping America.

Now I do not want to mislead you into thinking that all of the products LL Bean sells are made in America.  Alas that is not the case.  I wish it weren’t so but currently most of their products are imported.  Maybe this will be the turning point for this iconic American company to change directions.

Defying a trend toward offshore production, the outdoors retailer is adding 125 full-time employees to its Maine-based manufacturing operation to keep pace with orders.

Sales have grown from 150,000 pairs four years ago to about 400,000 this year, said Jack Samson, L.L. Bean senior manager for manufacturing in Brunswick. Next year, demand is projected to reach 500,000.”

Finding a shoe that is made in America is not an easy task.  Here is one that will keep your feet warm and dry and you will be fashionable as well.

Trendy I’m not…


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14 responses to “Trendy…I’m not

  1. It’s funny, I saw a headline for an article about these boots on Yahoo earlier today. I had no idea they were made in America, though.

  2. Great looking boots. I agree when you said about getting clothes/shoes that compliments you, affordable, comfortable…. And hopefully made in America. We need to patronize our own but more because somewhere out there a fellow American is trying to find a job to feed his family. 2012 should be a better year for all. Happy New Year!

  3. Perfect boots for “dashing through the snow . . . looking for the sleigh.”

  4. I’m so glad you keep this message in front of us, “buy American”. You do it so sensibly and delightfully.

  5. I would never, ever have a use for these. (Living in Southern California) I even wear flip-flops in the rain. (because we get it so rarely) I like the simplicity of my life. I never want to be that worman with a closet filled with shoes and no place to put anything else. I’ve always thought that silly. Shoes have become ridiculously expensive and I refuse to suppot clothing/apparel industries that over-price everything. Every so often, I break down and buy a pair or work out sneakers and then about cry at how much they increased in pricing over the years. I’m not looking forward to purchasing my son tennis shoes. He’s 8. Man, the sneakers are super duper costly.

    Anyway, I’m not into labels/fashion/trend…never have been. Just don’t care. Maybe I would, if I could afford that life style. Nah, I’m more into how cute do I look…scratch that…how “less fat” does this make me look…and comfy. 🙂

    • I do love shoes…my favorites are my flipflops for almost every occasion and my cowgirl boots for working in the garden. When I shop for shoes at DSW I go straight to the clearance racks. I love a bargain especially when they are 70% off.

  6. Love the shoes–they last forever, I hear. They’d be great for trudging in the snow or trying to get into my school when it’s flooded after a rain! It is difficult, Jeanne, to find American made products. I just bought my first pair and they hurt my feet so! I dress for myself, please myself with my dress and the heck with everyone else!!

    • Sorry to hear they hurt your feet…I have a pair of blondos made in Canada, I call them my Colorado boots because they remind me of our ski vacations, they are the only pair of shoes I take with me when we go but…they are so heavy I find myself tripping over my own feet but I love them. They keep my feet so warm and dry.

  7. Made in America…now that’s a cause I can get behind. I’ll have to make it a 2012 resolution…and every year thereafter.

    i’m going to try…can’t guarantee i’ll always succeed… 😉

    • It is very hard to find products that are made in America…if you should find one you really like please share it. I am going to start a running list of Made in America companies with links to their social media sites. I hope it helps in some small way.

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