Wordless Wednesday…Birds

Week 1: Wordless Wednesday continues into 2012… Birds!!!

Wordless Wednesday..Week 1


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16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday…Birds

  1. Uh, excuse me, but is the bird at the top of the feeder eating with his mouth open?
    Great photo!

  2. Gidget

    Great picture and those birds say thank you

  3. that’s fun!

    We just put up a bird feeder the kids painted (from home depot) and the birdies became so accustomed to food, that when we ran out, one flew through our sliding balcony door and flew into my bathroom. Like he was sent to inform me we were slackin’…

  4. Yay! For feeding the birds. 😀

  5. Great photo! They are having a good feed there.

    • I am amazed at how different birds are attracted to different seed. The first batch of seed this season attracted bluejays, this batch has brought these cute little birds and the cardinals. I am looking forward to a winter filled with entertainment from my feathered friends.

  6. Thanks for taking care of our feathered friends in the winter.Like you, Jeanne, I love sitting at the window to watch their different feeding habits.

  7. Precious… we have squirrels who destroy our bird feeder, but I keep trying because it brings so much joy to see them feeding!

  8. Not as many birds at our feeder since it’s the rainy season…heavy, rainy season. Miss seeing them vie for positions…

    thanks for sharing…your birds… 🙂

    • I have noticed on the rainy days the birds are in short supply…but as soon as the weather clears they are back and it seems they bring new friends with them.

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