The Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Under Wraps

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Under Wraps

The Suncreek Garden Chronicles … Under Wraps is an experiment the hubs is trying out on our fall garden.  He is hoping to prolong the growing cycle of our fall plantings of lettuces, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and brussels sprouts by covering the garden with a temporary makeshift greenhouse.  Texas winters are mild in comparison to most of the country but a Blue Norther can rear its ugly head when you least expect it and lay waste to what was a productive backyard garden.

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Under Wraps Butter Lettuce

Because the entire fall garden is an experiment we are totally amazed at the volume and quality of the lettuces.  We are also puzzled as to why the cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts are not producing veggies.  The plants are healthy with plenty of leaves but we do not have any real signs of veggie development.   With the exception of the broccoli.  There are two small heads that have appeared just this week.

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Under Wraps Sugar Snap Peas

The sugar snap peas were put under wraps a couple of weeks ago when the temps dipped to below freezing.  When the temps began to warm up to above 40 the hubs peeled back the wrap and discovered the terrarium like atmosphere had sent the sugar snap peas into a full flower bloom state.  The wraps were left in place until this week.  We are expecting a warming trend and rain over the weekend so the wraps were removed and to our utter amazement the plants are covered in sugar snap peas.  I picked the first batch and they are sweet and crunchy and delicious.

So far…the Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Under Wraps experiment is showing positive results.  Stay tuned for more veggie updates!


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27 responses to “The Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Under Wraps

  1. I’ve been on a restrictive diet this week in preparation for my colonoscopy/endoscopy procedures on Friday. Raw veggies is a “no-no.” Viewing your scrumptious, leafy greens makes me want to dive right in and gorge myself.

    I can hardly wait until Saturday… 🙂

    • Isn’t that just the way it goes…as soon as you can’t have something its all we want. Here’s hoping all goes well with good results on Friday. And then a big Garden salad and a cup of fresh fruit on Saturday. enJOY today!

  2. Wow, I’m speechless Jeanne! Please keep us updated on the progress of everything you have growing in there. This is amazing!

  3. Wow. Those vegetables must grow well. As you may know, I like growing vegetables but there isn’t to do during the winter. I need to make a plastic greenhouse.

  4. This is a wonderful experiments yielding beautiful and yummy results. Gardening in Winter in Texas is possible. Weather is not as cold this year. Yesterday we actually ditch our jackets. Just awesome sunshine and clear skies. Thanks for sharing the chronicles. Greens in Winter are refreshing. Have a great weekend!

    • Yes we have had a very mild winter…my husband is also going to use the temporary greenhouse to start his tomatos, peppers and herb plants for the summer garden. One day we would like to have a proper greenhouse where we can grow veggies all year. enJOY today!

  5. awesome! i envy your fresh veggies and your garden is lovely!

  6. Love the photos. The lettuce and snap peas look beautiful (and yummy). And thanks for the recipes!!

  7. Awesome! We brought our tomato plants inside for a few days because the jet stream dipped too far south.

  8. Man, are you lucky or what? I would love to have fresh veggie in winter….that did not come from another country.

  9. I like your set up – the plants are doing so well. Looks like you’ll have plenty of veggies for the winter!

  10. Very very nice pics.. loved the most of the Pea. 🙂

  11. refreshing to see these vegetables.My father works at the agricultural sector of our Municipality and I love helping him grow vegetables but only veggies that grows in the tropics..I so love you photos so green..

    • John, I love that gardening can be a great family bonding experience. We are very near to the coast in South Texas but we still get temps dipping below freezing. We are hoping the new temporary greenhouse will help us get the summer seedlings going early. enJOY today!

  12. WOW! I just got here to peeked at it. I love it. SOOO perfect for you. Clean, cutting edge, yet traditional as with the newspaper layout. I love it.

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  15. They must love their home under wraps… they are thriving! 😉

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