Made in America…Tervis Tumblers

Made In America...Tervis Tumblers

My favorite drinking glass in no longer made of glass.  For as long as I can remember I have always preferred drinking out of a glass.  Of course I would drink out of plastic or paper cups when the situation required it.  Such as a day at the beach or a picnic might call for one of those red Solo Cups.  Of course fast food chains always serve up drinks in plastic cups.  When in Rome…do as the romans do.  When at home…I am drinking out of a glass.  Well that was until about a year ago when I discovered a new drink receptacle.  The Made in America… Tervis Tumbler!!!

Have you heard of this wonderful American manufactured product?  The Tervis Tumbler!  The Tervis company was founded in 1946 in Detroit.  The product rights were sold in the 1950’s and by 1967 the Tervis Tumbler Corporation was Incorporated.  All Tervis products are made in North Venice, Florida.  This family owned and operated company employees over 700 people.  The company celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2011.

The Tervis Tumblers are smart cups that come with a variety of features.  They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.   They don’t leave drink rings on the furniture.  They are virtually unbreakable and are dishwasher safe.  Also replacing those disposable plastic or paper cups with a Tervis Tumbler is good for our environment. 

The Tervis design department has done a stellar job of adding color and fun to the Tervis brand.  You can choose a tumbler that exudes your personality or the mood of the day.  You can choose from seasonal themes or your favorite sports team.  Your Tervis Tumbler can let people know that you are a dog lover, country girl, deck diva or jersey girl.    The individual designs make it easy for me to remember which glass is mine especially when we have a gathering of friends.  And they are so much cuter than the old red Solo cup.   I personally have replaced all of our plastic drinking glasses with Tervis Tumblers as well as most of our glass drinking glasses.

Here are a few of the Tervis Tumblers that keep our cold drinks cold and our warm drinks warm….

Made In America...Tervis Tumblers


I purchased my Tervis products at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can check out these local retailers in your area to purchase your Tervis products.   One word of warning…Once you try out this incredible Made in America product you may never drink from another glass again.


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24 responses to “Made in America…Tervis Tumblers

  1. I will look for them. Thank you for another great tip.

  2. I will be totally looking for these! How do they not leave a ring on your furniture?? And hot and cold?? We always have had a set of plastic glasses for the kids and ours need a new “look”…thanks!

  3. I will definitely look for these. I love the design on the first one with the swirls. Great for summer bbq’s. Seems like they’d make great gifts too. Thanks for this tip.

    • They are great gifts. I gave everyone in my family one for Christmas. I even got a text pic back from my sister and her fiance using there cups during the Saints game.

  4. We have a few Tervis Tumblers . . . they are made just south of us! 😀

  5. We’ve used Tervis Tumblers for years and love them. I didn’t know they were made in America, so now I love them even more. One caution: even though they say they are dishwasher safe, after awhile water gets between the outer and inner liners and you can’t get it out. I always wash them by hand and they last much longer.

    • I typically do not put them in the dishwasher…I was already thinking I should add that bit of info to the post. Thanks for the nudge to follow my instincts.

  6. I’m a lover of glass too – I haven’t tried Tervis tumblers, but they look cool! 🙂

  7. Thanks for that great tip, Jeanne. I am definitely going to buy some as we are in desperate need of drinking glasses–my husband must juggle with them :).

  8. I was totally sold on the Made in America concept until I looked at prices on their web page. A 24 oz. tumbler with a lid, and I think lids were seperate sold for $19! For one glass! Hello! A little out of my price range.

    • They are a bit pricey..but so worth it! All you need is one! If you have a Bed,Bath & Beyond in your area you can get a 20% off coupon from their web page.

  9. Funny, our sets of glasses we received from our wedding (going on 9 years) are just about all broken…by the adults, not the kids…

    However, we just don’t use glass. Half the time, our beverage comes in a container and if we want ice, then it goes into a plastic cup. Except, we do have our mixer/wine glasses that are still good to go…

    I’m looking for new cups for the kids as they are now getting too old for what is sold at Walmart/Target. Well, my son is now 8 and the Toy Story theme is too young…Samantha is only 6 and can still do princess and Dora themes.

    I’ll revisit this site when I find a job. Our budget is too tight for unnecessary expense. However, it seems I might find some pefect things for my kids.

    lake Forest, CA

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  11. I always use plastic cups and have sandstone coasters everywhere to keep cups off our tables. I like the tumblers, too, and they can be pricey. After reading your post, I checked Amazon, and I did find one style that had 4 16 oz. tumblers for less than $36. That’s not too outrageous, if they are made to last!

    • That is a good deal…they are very durable. I think if you try one out you will be pleasantly surprised. By the way I do not own stock in Tervis Tumblers…but maybe I should look into it. enJOY today!

  12. I like the look of them; sturdy and attractive. 😉

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