At a Loss for Words? Have a Cup of Tea…with me!

At a Loss for Words? Have a Cup of Tea...With Me!

Are you at a loss for words?  Have a cup of tea with me! Words are not always necessary.  Sometimes being quite is a good thing.  That is of course the case when you are sitting in a room with another person.  Now, when you are a writer and words escape you and cohesive thoughts stay just out of reach you begin to feel pressured to come up with something.  Anything really…so here you go!

My fingers are hovering over the keyboard…waiting for inspiration to strike…so that my fingers can begin to tap-tap tap out the thoughts of this all to willing blogger.  I think the frigid temperatures and monochromatic palette of winter have stifled my creativity.  So…I am going to enjoy a cup of green tea and a few ginger snap cookies.  Maybe inspiration is waiting for me in the tea leaves. 

When I was growing up I enjoyed my tea with milk and honey.  Nowadays I prefer my tea with natural agave sweetener. How do you take your tea? 

Join me for a little inspiration and a warm cup of tea.

This is a beautiful video of blooming tea. (unable to insert video…wordpress glitch…”insert into post” button missing from page…oh well!) Watching this tea bloom in a beautiful glass tea-pot has a very relaxing effect on your spirit.  They are a bit expensive as tea goes.  You would probably want to save this experience for a special occasion.  Come to think of it everyday should be treated as a special occasion.  If we keep waiting for that special occasion to come along you may spend your entire life…waiting…and miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful visual experience of a blooming tea flower. 

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22 responses to “At a Loss for Words? Have a Cup of Tea…with me!

  1. I’ve sat here for hours…keys hovering over the keyboard 😦 I’m struggling right now

  2. I had a blooming tea flower once and found it lovely and inspirational. Thank you for sharing a cup of tea with me. It is good to sit and bond over warm drinks once in a while. I hope you soon find peace and inspiration.

  3. Tea and fortune cookies…you may find a little inspiration in one of those slips of papers hidden in the cookie? 🙂
    Thanks for tea!

  4. Lovely thoughts, Jeanne.

    I like my tea sweet . . . sometimes with lemon, sometimes with milk, never curdled. 😉

  5. It was great having tea with you. I’ll take mine with sugar and lemon. Thanks 🙂

  6. And so, you’ve written about the every-day ordinary… and made it extraordinary:) I love blooming tea…

  7. What a special cup of tea you’re serving, Jeanne, I’d love to join you. Nothing more, just tea please. The words will return with the delicate scent of the blooming tea.

  8. When I feel as you did that “Words are not always necessary” that’s my clue to step back and take some time to be still. With tea is even better.


    Lovely post!

  9. My husband and I watched a netflix movie. He didn’t notice as much as I did that in one scene of the movie “Marie Antoinette” with Kirsten Dunst, she enjoyed blooming tea from China back in the late 1700′! You never know where one cup of tea will lead. Just had to share that with you. Try again. I hope you can get that video posted.

    • Georgette, I can see why tea time is an important part of certain cultures. It causes one to slow down and enjoy a calming cup of delicious warmth. Of course a little tea cake or cookie on the side is a nice addition. Still no luck on the video..

  10. I am actually having a blackberry tea as I read your blog. Now if I only had some of those delicious-looking cookies . . .

  11. I enjoy tea also , missed my hug Sunday Hope you are feeling better!

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