A-Z Archive: C! Challenge

A-Z Archive: C! Challenge                             C R A B S: Louisiana Blue Crabs


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19 responses to “A-Z Archive: C! Challenge

  1. hi Jeanne,
    the photo looks fine on that
    white designed background!
    that’s ART!
    thanks for supporting our project!

  2. I love this photo!! It’s the shades/colors that go so harmoniously together. Any other color of glove and the photo wouldn’t have been so perfect! Beautiful angle as well!

  3. Vivid and so alive. I love eating crabs. One of my favorite seafoods. We stop recently after finding a mother and baby crab in Galveston. The mom was trying to protect her baby like people do. That melted my heart. Have a fun day!

  4. That’s an awesome pic. I can’t do crab or crayfish…even when visiting New Orleans. I wish I were more adventurous when it comes to food.

    Ready for the next A-Z challenge? It’s coming up in April. I’m hoping I have time to participate!

    Lake Forest, CA

    **I’m celebrating 1 year blogiversary! Stop in and say hi!

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  6. The colours just pop out of the photo – brilliant pic Jeanne!

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  8. Even though we have blue-claw here, some of the best crabs I’ve ever had came from Louisiana!

  9. That is a great crab shot. 😉

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