Wordless Wednesday…Strange Veggie…Purple Kohlrabi

Wordless Wednesday…Strange Veggie…Purple Kohlrabi

Wordless Wednesday...Strange Purple Veggie...Kohlrabi


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21 responses to “Wordless Wednesday…Strange Veggie…Purple Kohlrabi

  1. Are you sure it’s not an alien?

  2. They are a weird looking vegetable, that’s for sure!

  3. whoa, that is a strange veggie! how does one serve it?

  4. Thank you for showing us it. What wonderful things in your winter garden…under wraps.

  5. ah thanks for the link!
    I made kohlrabi once – VERY extravagant for me.
    But it starts with a K and I thought it would be prudent.
    Basically roasted w oil, salt, funny garlic like green things and finished with parm.

  6. wow. I love to discover new foods.

  7. Very alien-ish looking! But nice color. I’ve never eaten kohlrabi before. Let us know what it’s like!

  8. It looks interesting (love the purple color) but I’m not sure if I could actually eat it!

  9. I haven’t eaten kohlrabi in years. My mother cooked it when I was a child and I think I’ve cooked in once or twice since I got married. You just don’t see if often in the south, or we just overlooked it. We always sliced it, boiled it and ate with butter and salt and pepper. I never saw a purple one though. Very cool.

  10. Strange, but beautiful. 🙂

  11. I love kohlrabi! It’s a cross between a turnip and a cabbage and has a delicate flavor. I add it to sautes or it can be sliced into a salad raw… Enjoy it! 😉

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