Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Man Cave!

The focal point of a typical Man Cave is ususally the BIG LCD 52″ 1080p flat screen tuned in to ESPN for the latest sports updates; Scores, Hits, Hirings and Firings, Trades, The DL and The NFL.  The conversations range from….Will Peyton Manning ever play football again? and How does his little brother feel about playing the game of his life on his big brothers hallowed grounds? To recollections of days gone by… Yes all of this goes on in my Hubs’ indoor man cave…but lately the Hubs has been focused on his outdoor man cave.  Now before you get too excited this outdoor man cave does not include an outdoor kitchen or flat screen television.  There isn’t a tiki bar with a built-in fridge…This man cave is a combination of pvc and heavy duty plastic filled with garden tools and a compost bin.  Although once the Hubs reads this he will surely get a few ideas….. 

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Man Cave!

 The Hubs, In anticipation of frigid winter temperatures constructed a temporary greenhouse.  So far…there has been no sign of old man winter.  Currently the temps are holding steady from a low in the mid 40’s to highs in the upper 70’s.  It’s downright spring time!   The temporary greenhouse has become the outdoor man cave

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Man Cave!

The Hubs is spending quite a bit of time in his outdoor man cave…planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, weeding the rows and basically puttering around. He is one proud gardener…not to mention he melts my heart when he brings in the daily harvest. 

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Man Cave!

We typically enjoy our fresh from the garden harvest during dinner time.  Almost every evening as we are sitting at the kitchen table enjoying the veggies of his labors, the hubs will exclaim…”That’s the best…lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas….(you get the picture) I have ever eaten!”  You know what?  He’s is!


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14 responses to “Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Man Cave!

  1. Your garden and its bounty look FANTASTIC, Jeanne!

    And with all the money you save on food . . . you’ll be able to afford a 52″ flat screen for the Super Bowl. 😉

  2. All the photos are beautiful, but that last one is fantastic! Everything looks so fresh and yummy! Kudos to The Hubs!

  3. I love your man cave, but can I borrow your man so he can build me one! You have an amazing harvest 🙂

    I am impressed by your red cabbages. I have already started picking and cooking the outside leaves on mine before they get tough and take up too much space!

  4. what a nice bounty you have harvested. nothing like your own vegetables. it’s been very warm here too–wed. it was 68 degrees here in NJ! I am going to put in some lettuce this weekend. Nice photo story.

  5. Wow – that is one almighty man cave you have there Jeanne, and it looks and sounds like the hubs has found another passion besides the TV! Good for him – his labours are well spend tending your bountiful vegies, and he agrees!

  6. The plants in the first picture look huge! They all look good (much better than the stuff I saw in the grocery store this evening.) My hubby needs a man cave like that…he just doesn’t know it yet 🙂

  7. It’s so good to grow and eat many vegetables.I also try to grow vegetables this year.

  8. So fun to see the fruits of your labors! And is there anything better than fresh sugar snap peas? I think the answer is a resounding NO! 🙂 MJ

  9. Your veggies look happy! 🙂

  10. It must be great to ‘create’ – or create the circumstances for – vegetables, so you can truly harvest what you have sown. The photos are making me hungry 😉

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