Make today special…Live like there is no tomorrow!

Make today special, live like there is no tomorrow.  Actually, Tim McGraw says it best in his song “Live Like You Were Dying”… If that were the case, which in fact it is…every day that we live is one day closer to dying.  Why not LIVE…with no regrets. 

I recently met a woman whose husband died unexpectedly.  She is filled with regrets. 

She said “Had I only known… I would have waited on him hand and foot.  I would have made his last days special.”  “He had so many plans… barn conversions, riverboat trips, new product development.”  It all sounded wonderful and exciting.  As I listened to her talk…she was so in love, so enamored with her husband, so hopeful for…all that he had planned.  I did my best…as much as a complete stranger can do in a moment like that…I recounted back to her all of the exciting things that they had done and reminded her that her husband had lived a full and rewarding life.  It seemed to me, a complete stranger, that he had done it all! 

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow…no matter the plans we make, we do not know when our time here on this earth will be done.

Her words struck me like lightening…how many plans do I have?  When am I going to get around to IT!? Does my family really know how much I love them?  Should tomorrow be their last would I have regrets?…Yes! 

Today I have regrets but things do not have to stay this way.  I can make a change!  I can begin to live my life-like today is THE DAY!  Make today special…for my husband and son.  Make today special for my Mom and Dad and my Sisters.  Make today special for my Friends.  Make that phone call, send that hand written note, write a kind word on someones Facebook page.  Just do it…make today special…live like there is no tomorrow!


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14 responses to “Make today special…Live like there is no tomorrow!

  1. You’re right. It’s not something I generally think about, but we don’t know when our time is up, or when someone we love will pass away. Regret is a heavy burden to carry. I feel bad for that woman whose husband died. I hope she can find a way to forgive herself and then “live like she was dying” as you (and Tim) said.

    • I don’t think about so much myself…but it is worth considering. Especially if there are adjustments that need to made to make sure those around me know just how much I love them!

  2. Loved this so much; I try really hard to live this way but, like most of us, get caught up in all the “stuff I have to do” etc.

    Just last night though, Hubbs and I went out on a date night and I wore what he loves – a dress and boots. Why? Because it makes him smile to see me dressed all feminine. The weather was warm and I thought, “why ever not?” Don’t save it for a “better” day – the better days are here right now.

    Cheers! MJ

  3. We are HERE and it is NOW . . . what else is there? 😀

    I just watched a terrific TED talk on Happiness on Creating Reciprocity’s blog. To rewire our brain for happiness:

    1. Gratitude lists teach us to scan for the positives.
    2. Journaling about one positive thing each day does the same.
    3. Exercise improves mood.
    4. Meditation reminds us to focus on the task at hand.
    5. Random acts of kindness expand our compassion.

    To see the talk:

  4. Great post. I try to never live with regrets. Leads to guilt and shortens our lives. Really like what you wrote.

  5. Great Post….I liked the post.. Life is indeed short so why postpone our happiness or feelings which we hold back…do as you please in the present moment with no regrets…Rgds SR

  6. So true Jeanne! Tomorrow is promised to no one. 😉

  7. Your words are very inspiring, Jeanne. Let’s do it! I’m going to hug my sons, right now!

  8. island traveler

    My friend, I couldn’t agree more. After hearing and seeing frriend and family dying last year, some only in their late 30’s, it made me realize that life doesn’t wait. What we have now is that very chance to make the most of what’s given to us. I echo 100% when you said, ” Just do it…make today special…live like there is no tomorrow.” Today is that day to feel alive, to love as much, explore the world, to seek those things and people that makes us happy .Yes, we should live life everyday to the fullest. This is that time to do that vacation. We can’t afford to live a life of regrets. We were all given so many chances and opportunities but they don’t last forever. Just do it…make today special…live like there is no

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