Made in America…Slinky!

Made in America…Slinky!  The Original Slinky…Walking Spring Toy
Made in America…Slinky

Made in America since 1945!

Made in America…Slinky!

Very affordable…under $5

Made in America…Slinky!

Hours of fun for Boys and Girls!

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11 responses to “Made in America…Slinky!

  1. Oh, dear, I had one and loved it… guess that gives away my age!

  2. I loved the sound of the Slinky as it slunk from step to step. 😀

  3. Such a simply toy provided us with hours of pleasure–didn’t require batteries either!

  4. We only had one house with stairs – and that was the most fun we had with a Slinky 🙂

  5. we had this 40 years ago walking down our staircase when our children were young – you can’t buy this anymore in Germany now I believe … – but it was a hit like hoola hoop in the fifties and sixties …

  6. The Slinky is one of my favorite toys. 🙂

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