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Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Stop, Sit, Stay, Good Boy!

Stop…Sit…Stay…Good Boy!

You’ve made a plan.  You’ve set it into motion.  Things are looking good…your about to make your move…then it happens… a situation that you could not have seen coming…a freak accident…and everything changes in an instant.

Weekends and afternoons have been filled with weeding the garden and transplanting seedlings into pots.  The Hubs has a plan and he has been working hard at it.  It’s a good thing that he doesn’t have a lazy bone in his body or an ounce of procrastination in his blood.  Never put off what you can do today because tomorrow you might just tear your bicep.  Which is exactly what happened this afternoon.  Long story short, the Hubs and a couple of guys were loading a heavy concrete lid into the back of a pick up truck. (They should have used the tractor.)  The lid slips, next thing he hears is a pop and then he feels the sensation of an electrical shock shooting up his arm. (Kind of like when you hit your funny bone, which is never funny, only a hundred times worse.) 

The ER Doc took a couple x-rays, wrapped his arm, put it in a sling, prescribed a couple of meds and sent him home.  Tomorrow we will schedule an MRI to determine the severity of the torn bicep.  More than likely there will be arthroscopic surgery and a few weeks of no heavy lifting.  Recovery time should be about a month. 

The Hubs has informed me that he is not an invalid.  He will only slow down so much or for so long…there are things to be done even though it’s time to Stop…Sit…Stay and be a Good Boy!


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Wordless Wednesday…Captivating

Wordless Wednesday…Captivating

Wordless Wednesday...Captivating Rock Garden


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